Conference Table


Conference Table

Choose a durable and beautiful conference table for your meeting room. This desk designed for meeting rooms is modern and simple, stylish and natural. The wire slot inside the conference table can hide the wires of your meeting equipment, making your meeting environment clean and more efficient.

The table has good stability and compatibility. The table size can be customized. It can be 2400/2800/3000/3600W * 1000/1200/1500D*750Hmm.  And you can choose MFC or MDF as table materials.


Choose a both durable and beautiful conference table for your meeting room. This desk designed for meeting rooms is modern and simple, stylish and natural. The wire slot inside the conference table can hide the wires of your meeting equipment, making your meeting environment both clean and more efficient.

The table has good both  stability and compatibility. What’s more, the table size can be customized. It can be 2400/2800/3000/3600W * 1000/1200/1500D*750Hmm.  And you also can choose MFC or MDF as table materials.

Product Details


Product Name:Conference TableBrand Name:MG
General Use:Commercial FurnitureType:Office Furniture
Design Style:ContemporarySize:2400/3000/3600*1200*750mm
Model Number:MGE-611Application:Office, School
Place of Origin:Liaoning, ChinaPayment terms:T/T 50% deposit 50 Balance
Warranty:3 YearsMOQ:1set
Packing:1 pcs/ctnService:OEM ODM
Feature:Strong WearabilityMail packing:Y
Supply Ability10000 Pieces /per MonthPortDalian Port


Conference Table  Designs

Simple Design

  • The design of the conference table is both simple and delicate, which creates a simple and happy environment. When we are in such an environment, work is no longer a burden, and we  will feel relaxed and happy
  • This modern and simple conference table is low-key and stylish, therefore it can be matched with various styles of conference rooms.

Wood Grain

  • Natural and Beautiful

The tabletop made of wood grain material presents natural style, which makes the whole table full of both warmth and rustic beauty. Significantly, this natural beauty can make the atmosphere of an office or meeting room more comfortable and pleasant.

  •  High-end Sense

Obviously, wood grain material can give the desktop high-quality texture, exuding a high-end sense of quality.

This is very important for corporate offices or conference rooms because the material and appearance of the desktop can often reflect the image and brand value of the company or organization.

Rounded Corner Design

  • Safety

The rounded corner design is a major feature of this office conference table. Obviously, the rounded corner design effectively avoids accidental collisions and injuries that may be caused by sharp edges, providing a safer working environment for the office.

  • economical

In terms of practicality, compared with the right-angle design, the rounded corners can reduce the wear and tear of the table corners due to long-term use, prolong the service life of the table, and are more economical.

conference table

Conference Table Features

High Quality Material

E1-level wood

  • Above all, the thicker board it takes is quality E1-level manufactured wood with veneering which makes the tabletop easy to clean, waterproof and anti-scratch. Of course, you can clean the spot with a wet cloth
  • The melamine made of crushed and pressed boards is made of environmentally friendly boards, and it is not only  high strength and strong load-bearing but also beautiful and fashionable
  • The green PVC edge is usually made of environmentally friendly PVC material.
  • The use of environmentally friendly materials not only helps to reduce the impact on the environment but also conforms to our company’s pursuit of sustainable development.


Conference Table Application

In general, the office conference tables can be widely used in corporate offices, institutions, schools and other places.

  • Corporate meetings

Generally,office conference tables are the main place for organizing internal meetings. This meeting table accommodates participants and facilitates effective communication and discussion, whether in executive meetings, department meetings, or team meetings.

  • Business negotiations

Generally, business negotiations are usually held in the office. Therefore,  the boardroom table provides a professional and formal environment for the participants.

Another key point,here, all parties involved in business cooperation can sit down and discuss business details, sign contracts, etc.

  • Customer reception

The tables can be used for customer reception. you can also  display products, explain services, conduct business negotiations with customers, and demonstrate corporate image and professionalism at the meeting table.

  • Creative Discussion
The office conference table is also an important place for creative discussion. In the team, brainstorming and creative discussions can be carried out through the conference table in order to promote thought collisions and creative exchanges among team members.
conference table

Conference Table Functions

High Quantity Outle

Multi-function Cable Box

The multi-function cable box is usually located above the desktop, which provides you with sockets and interfaces, which can be connected to various devices such as computers, mobile phones, and tablets.

You can easily access various devices to create a both efficient and convenient working environment for you.


Routing system

Significantly, through the cable routing system, all power cables, data cables and network cables can be effectively hidden inside the table and are no longer exposed on the table.

In this way, not only can you avoid cable tangles, confusion and troubles when wiring, but also provide a tidy and clean working environment in your office.

Thicker Board

Better Bearing Capacity

The tabletop is 50mm and is thicker than the common board to make the conference table have better bearing capacity. Therefore, you can put heavy objects on it with confidence.

Textured and Advanced in Appearance

The thickened panel is more both textured and advanced in appearance. Its thick texture also adds a luxurious and high-end atmosphere to furniture or decoration, making the space appear more elegant and atmospheric.

Thicker Board


There is a baffle at the bottom of the conference table,undoubtedly, which can shield you from embarrassment, protect your privacy, and leave enough leg room for you.

The design of the entire table baffle is very grand, obviously, which can enhance the grade of your entire conference room.

Bottom Storage

There is a bottom storage design on both sides of the table, which can store colleagues’ items, store files, and easily store all kinds of office supplies, bid farewell to the messy office environment, and make work safe and comfortable.

Conference Table Customization


  • The size of the table is 2400/3000/3600*1200*750mm . You can choose a suitable size according to the number of employees and the size of the meeting room.Certainly, if you are not sure, you can consult our sales staff.

Of course, if we currently have no products you want Size, we also provide customized service.

  • We have 14 seats, 16 seats, 18 seats and so on for you to choose. You can also choose to customize the workstations according to the size of your conference room and the number of participants


  • This table is available in a variety of colors in order to meet the individual needs and scene matching of different users. Its rich color options also allow users to customize and configure the table according to their preferences, work environment and decoration style.
  • In addition to common color options, the table also supports personalized customization, providing more color and color palette options according to the customers. What’s more , users can customize a unique table according to the company’s brand color, personal preferences, etc.

conference table conference table


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