Simple Office Reception Desk


Simple Office Reception Desk

This reception table has a simple and elegant design. Using environmentally friendly panels, selected hardware accessories, and can be installed with LED light strips, every part is a guarantee of quality. This product is suitable for various scenarios such as companies, schools, and hospitals. You can also customize the size and color according to your needs.


 Reception Desk Details

Simple Office Reception Desk

Product Name:Simple Office Reception DeskBrand Name:MG
General Use:Commercial FurnitureType:Office Furniture
Design Style:ContemporaryAppearance:Modern
Material:WoodenWood Style:Panel
Model Number:MGF-065, MGF-065Application:Office Building, Hospital, School
Place of Origin:Liaoning, ChinaPayment terms:T/T 50%deposit 50 Balance
Color:CustomizedService:OEM ODM
Warranty:3 YearsMOQ:1SET

 Reception Desk

Materials  Advantages and Design

Product Materials

  1. The formaldehyde content meet the national E1 standard board. This reception desk is made of thick particle board to ensure both stability and durability. As I have shown,the material is waterproof, wear-resistant, easy to clean, and suitable for long-term use.product material2.As can be seen,the hardware accessories are all high-quality accessories carefully selected by our professionals. There  are lubricated, durable and strong. Above all, please follow the instructions to install step by step, handle with care to avoid damage caused by violent installation. Don’t worry, it’s not as complicated as it looks. If you have difficulty with some steps, please contact us, we will reply to you as soon as possible.


Product Advantages

    1. Markedly, the table top of this simple office reception desk is wide enough. Not only can it provide you with a spacious work space, but also enough space to display your computer, files and decorations.
      There are also  2 storage shelves above the desktop, you can put documents and office supplies on the storage shelves for your convenience.
      This reception desk is also equipped with a lockable chest of drawers to protect your privacy and store more items.
      There’s also a ton of space under the tabletop, with decent leg room to relax while you work and have extra room for any other items under the table


Simple Office Reception Desk


2. First thing to remember, this table can be applied to many scenes, not just the company office area. Applicable to clothing stores, schools, companies, restaurants, and dessert shops. Obviously, it will be the face of your company.

3. This reception desk can also be added with LED light strip elements to enrich the layering of the entire finished product and make the visual effect more vivid. All in all, this product is pleasing to the eye with its smooth lines and concise shape.

Product Design

  1. The overall design concept of this table is simple and stylish. Simple and smooth lines,  clean color, make the whole product look very harmonious, full of a sense of design, simple but very comfortable to look at.
  2. The product adheres to the design concept of ergonomics and fits the human body. When you work with this desk, you will feel very comfortable, work more comfortably, and work efficiency will also increase, creating an ideal office environment for you.


3. The design of the desktop threading hole makes the wiring reasonable, which will make the entire table look very tidy. The partition design is reasonable, the desktop is well-organized, and the space utilization rate is high.

4. We can both  design and customize product color, size and door cabinet selection for you according to your needs. We have a variety of colors, sizes, and combinations of door cabinets for your reference. You can also choose as you like. In conclusion, you will be able to buy satisfactory products from us.

Our Company

Shengyan Meige furniture CO, LTD  locate in shengyang, is a modern enterprise integrated with professional research, manufacture, service and sales , which is committed to tread- leading office furniture.

We will listen to the customer’s feedback, we also provide long-term installation guidance for our products. If you have any problems or questions with our products, please feel free to contact us before and after your purchase

To develop better and stronger is Meige Furniture‘s enteral driving force. Meanwhile Bearing the business philosophy of responsibility,  service and efficiency, with the target of to create the better office environment for humankind and build a century brand. Meigefurniture will also move forward continuously to greet the unpredictable.

How to choose the reception desk?

The office front desk & reception desk is the face of every company. Although it will not play a big role in the overall operation of the company, most of the first impressions of the company from the outside world start from the reception desk.

When purchasing an office reception desk, the most important thing is to confirm the size range of the reception desk. After all, the overall layout of the company’s reception area still needs to conform to the size of the actual space.

Therefore, it is recommended to measure the area of the reception desk before purchasing. Moreover, the height of the reception desk is also very important. And it should not be too high to avoid blocking the front desk staff and company logo. Now there are also many office front desks on the market, so you need to pay attention to choosing a style that matches the decoration .

The style of the reception desk affects the taste of the company, so pay attention to avoid some styles with exaggerated shapes, and you also need to pay attention to the color selection. If it is too exaggerated, it will also easily cause irritation to customers. Nowadays, not only the production materials of the office front desk are various, but also the textures presented by different materials are different.

Therefore, when you choose the reception desk, under the condition of safety and environmental protection, the material needs to match the overall style of the enterprise, so that it is visually beneficial to the overall appearance image of the entire enterprise.


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