Excellent Modern Conference Table


Modern Conference Table

Elevate your office space with modern conference table of MG. The conference table has become a necessary furniture in the office. A meeting  table is a key element to consider in order to ensure the meeting  run smoothly and increase work efficiency . The conference table can not only provide enough meeting space for everyone participating in the meeting, but also facilitate everyone to maintain a proper social distance. A modern high-quality conference table is also the perfect device to add charm to your office interior.



Modern Conference Table  Details

Name :Conference tableBrand Name:MG
General Use:Commercial FurnitureSpecific Use:Meeting  Table
Type:Office Furniture, ModernDesign Style:Modern
Material:Wood, MFC/MDFWood Style:


Place of Origin:Liaoning, China, LiaoningMail packing:N

Product Advantages

  • The wide desktop design  provides a spacious working space. And the veneer surface is durable, not easy to get dirty, and easy to clean.
  • The one-piece table legs not only provide high stability for the conference table. Prevents scratches on floors and keeps table stable on uneven surfaces. And keep the space under the table spacious.
  • The safe wiring system design not only makes the messy wiring orderly, but also makes the invisible space meticulous, making the whole office environment more tidy, bright, fashionable and energetic.
  • The style of this discussion  table is simple and elegant, suitable for multiple spaces,such as home office, dining, hotel, office building, hospital.

Product  Material

  • Surface material: fireproof panels, its advantages are flame retardant, acid-base resistance, wear resistance, waterproof, high hardness, flexible,the adhesive skin thickness of 0.8 mm, plate bending strength meets the standard.
  • Base material:Adopt environmentally panels that meet the E-O standard
  • Edge material: PVC plate,with a thickness of 1-3mm sealing edge and a hot melt seed gum sealing edge on all four sides.(Optional wood color).
  • Hardware instructions: hint ,brand hinge.

Product Customization

The conference tables can be customized in kinds of  different colors and sizes to fit different workplaces.Logo and packing is also can be customized if you can reeach the moq.

  • Size reference:     2400*1200*750mm
  • Color reference:

Product  Choice

How to choose a  suittable conference table for your own company ? Now, let us find out.

Firstly, clear positioning.

If the company is a large enterprise or has strong strength, it can naturally choose high-end office  tables. If the company is small in scale and has limited economic strength, it is better to choose mid-to-low-end panel  or steel-wood desks that are relatively less expensive.

Secondly, clarify the function.

If the boardroom table is only used for daily internal meetings, you can choose a long or oval shape. If it is used for a small meeting of several people, it is more appropriate to choose a round  table.

Thirdly , determine the size.

The size of the office table is generally determined according to the area of the conference room and the number of participants. If the conference room is larger, you can customize a larger discussion table.If the meeting room space is small, you can choose a conference table with a smaller size.

Lastly, determine the material.

Common conference table materials include solid wood, panel, and steel-wood. Solid wood  tables or painted conference tables are high-end products, while panel  tables are low-end products, and steel conference tables are relatively the cheapest. Companies can choose to purchase according to their own needs.




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