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Explore how MG office furniture wholesale and manufacture excels in crafting high-quality, ergonomic, and versatile office furniture to foster an ideal work environment, enhance work efficiency, and boost employee satisfaction. Discover our products that support collaboration, health, and well-being, providing an unparalleled office experience for your team.


MG Office Furniture Wholesale-Explore Office Environment and Work Efficiency

MG Furniture, as an office furniture wholesale, has always been dedicated to crafting top-notch office furniture, creating an optimal and comfortable environment for you.

While office workers look for spaces that boost their productivity, they also seek unique experiences from their work environment.

The “Gensler U.S. Office Survey 2022” revealed that only 17% of employees believe that office experience doesn’t impact their decision to return to the workplace. On the contrary, 83% are willing to increase the frequency of their office visits if provided with an ideal office experience.

Studies have found that comfortable and high quality office furniture can spike work efficiency by up to 32%. Cozy, well-designed, and inspiring office furniture can uplift employee morale and reinforce company culture.

Investing in such a pleasant and beautiful workspace can provide businesses with a competitive edge, translating directly into profits.



Drawing from its rich experience in the industry, MG stands as a proven office furniture manufacturer and wholesale based in Shenyang, China.

Catering to the international market, we specialize in exporting meticulously designed office furniture tailored to meet the unique demands of diverse workspaces, be it corporate hubs, bustling production studios, or thriving local businesses.

Not only are our pieces sculpted from robust materials ensuring longevity, but they also come backed by a solid 3-5 years warranty.

We take pride in supporting OEM, ODM, and custom-made office furniture solutions, reinforcing our commitment to meet the distinct needs of our global clientele.

MG office furniture wholesale will share with you how to create a new office experience and promote efficient work from the three dimensions of collaboration, health and healing.

MG Office Furniture Wholesale’s Product -Bring you the Ultimate Office Experience

Use Collaboration to Interpret a New Office Experience

MG office furniture wholesale realizes when individuals are driven by intrinsic motivation, they engage in tasks due to genuine interest, the thrill of challenge, or the pursuit of personal growth.

By fostering a positive team culture, promoting open communication, and facilitating collaboration, the design of the workplace can amplify a sense of belonging within the team.

This results in collective performance and achievements that surpass the sum of individual efforts, instilling a sense of pride among employees.

Formal Meeting

Meetings are a very important and efficient part of the entire employee collaboration, but they often bring stress to employees.

Office employees feel motivated when they walk into a conference room and find a beautifully designed environment with neatly arranged furniture that makes it easy to perform their daily tasks. Well-designed conference rooms are the hub of office collaboration and creativity.

These spaces should be spacious and well-appointed, with everything employees need to have productive gatherings.

conference table

(1)MG office furniture wholesale  product: MGE-647

Product Name
New Design Modern 8 Seater Meeting Table Wood Conference Room Tables
Our meeting table design is simple, but very practical, can seat 6 to 8 people, if you have other size requirements, we can customize
Our conference tables are crafted with great craftsmanship
Our meeting tables can be customized
Table top: 50mm Melamine chipboard



Height: 750



office furniture wholesale


(2)Reasons for recommendation

  • Contemporary & Organic Design: Our conference table, crafted with a modern touch, boasts a sophisticated and appealing look. It seamlessly fits into both private and open-plan contemporary office spaces.
  • Gather Your Think Tank: Rally your brilliant minds for idea-sharing sessions. Whether it’s a high-level corporate discussion or a close-knit team meeting,  Conference tables of MG office furniture wholesale set the ideal stage for vibrant idea exchange.
  • Durable Excellence: Engineered for stability, this conference table stands the test of time. Further fortified by its scratch- and stain-resistant laminate, it’s designed to handle daily office wear and tear, retaining its polished look for years.

Informal Social Environment

MG office furniture wholesale recognizes the profound impact of informal social settings in fostering deeper human connections. In an open space, where no single area seems explicitly designed for conventional work, devoid of clear partitions and fixed furniture, there’s an aura of diversity.

The vibrant and diverse office furniture gives one a feeling of being at home. Intimate meeting units crafted to resemble cozy cafe lounges further accentuate a stylish yet playful workspace ambiance. Doesn’t such an environment naturally stir your inspiration and creativity?

Collaboration office experience

(1)MG office furniture wholesale  product: MGE-710

Product Name
Office Sofa
Place of Product
Liaoning Province,China

Mesh/Leather cover

High density sponge
Solid wood frame
Solid wood legs/Steel legs
Modes of packing
Packed in one cartons

office furniture supplier

(2)Reasons for recommendation

  • Spacious and Comfortable: Our loveseat will be a favorite spot for leisure in your company. The thick spring foam cushion and breathable fabric create a soft and supportive base and backrest.
  • Sturdy and durable: You don’t have to worry about its durability! Our sofa with a sturdy wooden frame and high-quality springs.
  • Timeless  Appeal: Stylish leather with a modern low-profile design brightens your whole office with modern craftsmanship and classic aesthetics.

Use Health to Interpret New Office Experience

Most companies have realized the inextricable connection between employees’ physical and mental health and productivity, work efficiency and employee engagement.

Many companies are pursuing ways to improve their employees’ physical and mental health. Therefore, MG office furniture wholesale is providing help and support for this.


Reduce Fatigue From Prolonged Sitting

Office workers often spend extended hours seated and engage in repetitive motions. Therefore, ergonomically designed office furniture is crucial.

It provides the necessary physical support for employees to comfortably spend hours at their workstations. Improper furniture can lead to musculoskeletal disorders or even severe injuries. Therefore, choosing ergonomic furniture can set the stage for employee health and productivity.

Now, let me introduce two ergonomically office furniture from MG office furniture wholesale.


Health Office Experience

(1)MG office furniture wholesale product : Ergonomic chair: MGG-222

Product Name
Gaming Chair Leather Executive Office Chair Executive Chair
Office chair
Foam, metal frame, Mesh fabric
Adjustable (height), Revolving
Place of origin
Liaonig Province,China
Delivery time
20-25day after deposit received
Modes of packing
Carton package
After sale service
2 year under proper usage

office furniture wholesale

Reasons for recommendation

  • ​This office chair supports your spine with its unique back curve and elastic mesh, alleviating back pain.
  • ​Adjust its height and angle freely; it caters to various postures, supporting reading, work, or relaxation.
  • ​​Its breathable cushion dissipates heat, resisting sweat in summer and retains shape under stress.
  • The chair not only has wheels but also rocks side-to-side, with a supportive headrest for complete comfort.

(2) Height adjustable office desk: MGA-053

Product Name
Dual Motor Electric lifting Office Tables standing height adjustable office desk
Length:1100-1700 mm
Hight:710-1170 mm

Wide:500-800 mm

MFC/MDF desk top,

Steel frame
Single Motor/twin Motor
Desktop Thickness
Edge banding
Sealed with 2mm PVC

office furniture wholesale


Reasons for recommendation

  • First, ​​our standing desk boasts an alloy steel frame paired with a sturdy desktop, supporting up to 300 kg.
  • ​​Second, this desk alleviates hand and shoulder discomfort, promoting a healthy transition between sitting and standing for those often sedentary.
  • Lastly, ​facing cluttered cables in the office? Our desk’s wire management feature ensures a neat workspace.

Avoid Noise Disturbance

Is the workplace too noisy? Do employees want a space with acoustic privacy? MG, as an office furniture wholesale and manufacturer, understands the importance of minimizing disruptive noise that employees may be exposed to.

The office should provide an environment where employees can have privacy and focus. The following two office furniture can help you avoid noise interference

(1) Office Partition: MGP-110810

Product Name
Divider Partition Movable Wall Foldable Partitions
Our office partition is made of high-quality melamine, which is of excellent quality and exquisite design
Our office partition is made of high-quality melamine
Office partition can be equipped with or without wheels
The color of office partition can be customized

office furniture wholesale

Reasons for recommendation

  • Privacy Enhancement: This room divider creates private areas, allowing focused work or study with minimal disturbance.
  • Mobility & Lock: The divider has quiet, 360-degree swivel wheels with brakes for stability.
  • Flexible & Compact: Adjust to various shapes like L, W, or C and fold compactly for storage.
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for privacy in public, blocking sunlight, or as office decor.

(2) MG office furniture wholesale product: Office Privacy Pod MG-S1

Product Name

No Glue Soundproof Office Cabin Training podBrand NameMG


S/M/L/XL, customizableModel NumberS1
Power Supply System100 – 240V/50-60Hz & 12V-USBDesign StyleModern

Lighting System

4000K / 1600Lsx natural lighting system

Place of OriginChina, Liaoning
Exhaust System

Positive pressure ventilation system, Low noise and refreshing internal air in 3-minute operating efficiency

Sound insulationRW+Ctr35dB(±5dB)和RT0.25(+0.1s) Payment termsT/T 50%deposit 50% Balance
On-off SystemMotion sensor and switch control for light and fan.
GlassFront and back feature 10 mm impact resistant safety glass


Office / School / Home / Recording / Exhibition Hall / Library / Hospital / Shopping Mall etc.

office furniture wholesale

Reasons for recommendation

  • Enhanced Productivity: Fewer distractions mean more efficient work and faster results.
  • Design Flexibility: The Privacy Pod’s simple setup allows easy workspace adjustments.
  • Mental Health Boost: Personal space helps employees relax, manage stress, and rejuvenate.
  • Modern & Professional: Its stylish design showcases commitment to quality and impresses all.
  • Cost Savings: Its durability and low maintenance provide long-term financial benefits.
  • Efficient Use of Space: The Privacy Pod offers numerous features without occupying much room.

Use Healing to Interpret New Office Experience

MG knows that beautiful and functional office furniture can provide employees with a sense of comfort and well-being. MG  office furniture wholesale always insists on helping employees gain a sense of healing at work.

Well-designed aesthetics and comfortable and practical furniture can have a huge impact on an employee’s energy and office atmosphere.

MG office furniture wholesale product: MGF-071

tem  NameModern salon reception desk Wood Salon Reception Desk
Item No. MGF-071
Size2400W*700D*1100H or customized
Materials25mm MFC melamine boards and 2mm PVC edge banding
Warranty5 Years is valid under proper usage
PackingFlat packed, carton with foam at corners

office furniture whosale

Reasons for recommendation:

The reception area is the first impression guests have of your company. It’s also often the first place employees see when they come to work.

A stylish and beautiful reception area should be stylish and make employees energetic from the moment they enter the company.


Choosing MG office furniture Wholesale is a step towards building an office environment. It is not only aesthetically pleasing and comfortable but also conducive to productivity, creativity, and overall well-being.MG stands out as a trusted partner in office furniture.


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