L Shape Luxury Executive Desk


L Shape Luxury Executive Desk

The desks are the highlights of modern style and sophisticated design. This office desk is made of high-quality melamine material, the thickness of the table top is 25 mm, if you have other size requirements, we also accept customization.


 Executive Desk Advantages

L shape Luxury executive desk

  1. The desktop of L shape Luxury executive desk is larger, and you can spread out larger drawings without having to go to large desktops such as conference tables, which makes work more convenient. At the same time, office supplies such as telephones, computers, and fax machines can also be placed, and the entire desktop is not crowded. , to provide office staff with a good office feeling.
  2. It can store articles, can not only save space but also make the desktop cleaner and more convenient for managers. With more customized designs and combinations, it is also offering a better user experience and a luxury modern office desk.
  3. This bureau desk has the highest level of environmental protection board, just for you to enjoy a more comfortable office environment. This material is heat resistant, waterproof, durable and environmentally healthy.
  4. Modern office desks all adopt advanced hidden multi-functional wiring system, which no longer exposes various lines, so that there are no scattered lines on the desktop and under the table, and it also improves the safety of office work.

 Executive Desk Design Features

  • Enough Bottom Space

The bottom of this bureau desk has a large display space, letting your legs rest assuredly stretch. On this occasion, you can devote yourself to your work wholeheartedly, bringing you the ultimate office experience.

You can also put your personal items under the  L shape luxury executive desk, such as shoes, trash cans, etc. Thanks to the use of modesty panels, the space under the table does not feel cluttered despite the many things under the table.


  • Oversize Storage Side Cupboard

As the person in charge of the enterprise, the office space represents the image of the enterprise, and the configuration of office furniture has certain standards. The unique side cabinet design of this luxury manager desk makes your storage space more artistic, emphasizing the function while losing the aesthetic design, we are extremely serious!

Side Cupboard

  • Arbitrary Switch

Significantly, the office desks are composed of the main desk and two auxiliary cabinets. Designers break through the traditional design thinking, in order to show its low-key luxury brand style of this office desk, left and right sub-cabinets are interchangeable, to provide you with the most professional perspective of office space planning.


Product Details

Product Name:L Shape Luxury Executive DeskBrand Name:MG
General Use:Commercial FurnitureType:Office Furniture
Design Style:ModernWood Style:PANEL, PANEL
Place of Origin:Liaoning, ChinaModel Number:MGB-110301
Payment terms:T/T 50%deposit 50% BalanceCertificate:ISO9001/ISO14001
Warranty:3 YearsService:OEM ODM
Packing:CartonMOQ:1 PCS

L Shape Luxury Executive Desk

There are tips for the maintenance of the

executive desk:

  • Wipe with a soft object

When cleaning L shape luxury executive desk , do not use very hard things, otherwise,  it is easy to scratch the paint on the surface of executive desk, and sometimes the paint on the surface will fall off. Do not place heavy things on it, otherwise After a long time, it may cause its deformation, and it is necessary to check regularly whether its parts are damaged.

  • Do not use fluffy towels

Don’t use a cloth that is easy to shed to wipe. When wiping, be sure to wring the cloth dry. It should not be very wet, let alone shed hair, otherwise its fur will seep into the gaps of the desk or remain in the desk. The surface of the table will hinder its beauty.

  • Use a soft and delicate cloth

If there is a lot of dust on the surface, we can use a feather duster to remove it first, and then wipe it with a dry cloth. Do not use a very rough cloth, but a soft and delicate one, which will not damage its surface。


How to place the executive desk

Firstly, when placing the desk in the office, pay attention to the problem of orientation.

When the L shape luxury executive desk is placed, it cannot face the door of the office, or be very close to the door. In terms of environment, if the desk is placed at or near the door, it will be not only    disturbed by the voice outside the door,  but also the privacy is not strong. As a desk for a separate office, it is generally used by decision–makers.

If it is placed in the right position, it will be both quieter and conducive and improve office efficiency. Therefore, when placing an office desk, pay attention to the direction of placement.

Secondly, when placing the desk in the office, it is necessary to avoid leaving the background of the desk empty.

There is no wall or bookcase behind the office desk, giving people a sense of insecurity.  You should place the office desk against the wall, and the support of the solid wall will make the office staff firm, practical and brave.

But remember, don’t place the boss’s desk next to the wall with the door, so that the back is facing the outside. And you can’t observe the dynamics of the employees well.

Thirdly, the size requirements of the office desk.

If the office area is large, the desk should not be too small. If the desk is too small, the whole office will appear empty. Correspondingly, if the office area is too small, the desk should not be too large. If the desk is small, then the office will appear crowded and people will not be able to think calmly.

Complicated things at work. Unquestionably, the office desk should be selected reasonably according to the size of the office.



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