Custom Reception Desk


MG’s custom reception desk, designed with a distinctive loft-industrial aesthetic, is the perfect statement piece for your office. The desk’s design is versatile, complementing various office environments and enhancing their uniqueness.

It features a thoughtful built-in planter for greenery, a brilliant LED light strip, a finely crafted storage cabinet, and a unique burnt stone texture finish. Crafted with high-quality eco-friendly material, it’s a durable and robust addition to your workspace.


Custom Reception Desk in MG

In general, the reception area is important in your office.

  • Above all, It is the first point of contact where you extend a warm welcome to your clients.
  • Secondly, it’s the place where first impressions are formed and can be the key factor for professional relationship.
  • Thirdly, a well-designed, comfortable waiting space can reflect your commitment to customer service and attention to detail.
  • Moreover, the reception area is a mirror to your business ethos and brand identity. It enables visitors to absorb the culture and dynamics of your business while they anticipate their meeting.

This is where the reception desk, the centerpiece of this area, comes into the picture. A reception desk is not just a workstation; it’s a statement piece that sets the tone for the rest of the office. It needs to be functional, yes, but also aesthetically pleasing and reflective of your brand’s image.

This is where MG’s custom reception desks can make a significant difference. Our desks are not just functional and well-crafted pieces of furniture; they’re embodiments of your brand and business. Each desk is designed considering the client’s needs, office aesthetics, and functionality.

According to your specific requirements, our reception desks enhance the charm and appeal of your reception area, leaving a lasting impression on everyone who walks through your office doors. Choose MG for robust, elegant, and custom-made reception desks that truly represent your brand.

Custom Reception Desk Information

Product NameOffice Reception DeskBrand NameMG
Model NumberMG-W003TypeOffice  Furniture
ApplicationOffice  FurnitureAppearanceModern
Place of OriginLiaoning, ChinaMail packingN
MOQ1PCSSupply Ability1000 Piece/Pieces per Month
Trade termFOB EXW CIFPayment termsT/T
CertificateISO9001/ISO14001ServiceOEM ODM
Warranty 3 YearsLead time (days)1-50 15days   >50  To be negotiated
Selling Units:Piece/PiecesPackage Type:1. Knock-down package
2. EPE foam wrapping each part with crashproof thickened foam
3. Five corrugated paper box
4. Wooden frame if necessary

Custom Reception Desk in MG

Product Design 

Industrial Aesthetics for the Modern Startup

Our custom reception desk is designed with a distinctive loft-industrial aesthetic in mind, perfect for startups and contemporary workspaces looking to break away from traditional corporate designs.

The raw, minimalist elements combined with the rugged charm of the industrial style characterize this reception desk, making a bold statement at the entrance of your office.

custom reception desk

Versatile Style for Any Office Setting

The design of our reception desk is both stylish and versatile, complementing a variety of office environments. Whether your workspace embraces a modern, traditional, or eclectic style, this reception desk will enhance its uniqueness and prestige. Its sleek lines and industrial finish make it a fitting centerpiece that exudes sophistication and class, no matter where it’s placed.



Thoughtful Trough Design

A unique feature of our custom reception desk is its thoughtful trough design, a built-in planter that adds a refreshing touch to your workspace. This feature allows you to place potted plants and decorative items, not only beautifying the office but also purifying the air and infusing the environment with a sense of vitality and life.

The integration of greenery into the workspace design not only adds aesthetic appeal but also contributes to a healthier, more pleasant work environment.


Product  Advantages

High-Quality Eco-Friendly Material

Our MG custom reception desk is built using high-quality eco-friendly materials that are not only durable and robust but also healthy for the environment. These natural materials are harder, stronger, and more resilient, ensuring a longer lifespan for the furniture. By embracing environmental responsibility in our material choices, we ensure our products are as good for the earth as they are for your office.

High-Quality Eco-Friendly Material

LED Light Design

The custom reception desk features a brilliant LED light strip design, adding a luminous touch to your space. This thoughtful inclusion not only enhances the desk’s visual appeal but also brightens up your reception area, creating a welcoming and vibrant atmosphere. The superior design quality of our product ensures your workspace stays illuminated and inviting.

custom reception desk

Storage Cabinet Display

The reception desk comes with a finely crafted storage cabinet that boasts powerful storage capacity. The practicality of this feature cannot be overstated, as it helps keep your reception area organized and clutter-free.

From storing important documents to office supplies, this feature enhances the functionality of the desk, making it a practical as well as aesthetic addition to your office.

Storage Cabinet

Burnt Stone Texture Finish

Innovatively, we’ve applied a burnt stone texture finish to the reception desk, which presents a unique and exquisite visual appeal. This finish gives the surface a delicate and warm feel, and the clear and beautiful texture of the burnt stone adds a chic touch to the overall look of the desk. This distinctive choice of finish sets our product apart, ensuring your reception desk is a standout feature in your office.

Burnt Stone Texture Finish




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