Flip Top Training Table


The MG flip top training table saves time and floor space. Just unlock the quick-release lever and flip the tabletop vertically for multi-table nesting. When your conference or training session is over, simply flip the table closed for easy storage.


Product Details

Flip Top Training Table 

Product Name:Flip Top Training TableBrand Name:MG
General Use:Commercial FurnitureType:Office Furniture, Modern
Design Style:Simple and ModernAppearance:Modern
Material:Wooden, MFCWood Style:Panel
Model Number:MGC-110Application:Office Building, traing or conference
Place of Origin:Liaoning, ChinaPayment terms:T/T 50%deposit 50 Balance
Warranty:3-5 YearsMOQ:1
Mail PackingYService:OEM ODM


Flip Top Training Tables Materials

  • Above all, It adopts E1 grade environmental protection paint-free board, solid wood particle board, uniform internal structure, moderate density, good stability, no paint process, and rejects formaldehyde odor. In a word, the air is fresh and natural of the board , creating a comfortable, safe and high-quality office environment.


  • Obviously, these durable tables are constructed with a sturdy steel frame as desk legs. The steel pipe is also an engineering grade steel pipe with a very strong load-bearing capacity.
  • This training table adopts silent bearing steering wheel, which is very convenient to use, and it can be stopped as you go, both easy and smooth. It can be locked when you don’t need to move it.Wheel 
  • All the accessories of this table are made of high-quality boutique hardware. Every detail of the table represents each strict quality control.accessories

Flip Top Training Tables Applications

This training table is not only a training table but also a conference table for doing work. This table can be easily matched with various environmental scenes through different placement methods. Its ever-changing shape can easily cope with various occasions, such as meeting rooms, classroom training, offices, and negotiation rooms.

Fistly,when there are activities such as employee training, mentor analysis, training presentations, etc, it can be a training table. We just need to simply place these tables one by one without cumbersome movement. In brief, with this table, training activities can start at any time. When your session is over, simply flip the table closed for easy storage.

Secondly, when we need to hold a temporary meeting, we can also move these training tables at any time to splice them at any time, freely combine them and put them together quickly. With these training tables, significantly, we can break the traditional meeting mode. Even if we don’t have a conference table, we can ensure that the meeting will start immediately, and the meeting can also be heart-warming.

Thirdly, In addition to being a training table and conference table, this table can also be a desk. Markedly,as an office desk, its advantages are that it is easy to move and can be combined freely. You can also combine the desks in any way to meet your various needs. Communication without distance, brainstorm the main venue at any time.


 Flip Top Training Table                      Flip Top Training Table 

Flip Top Training Tables Advantages

New design concept for modern office. This is a free combination folding training chair, which is easy to fold, can be moved at will, change the combination, combine according to the size of the space, and rotate 360° according to the direction, so it can be moved easily.

This desk can be folded upside down, when not in use, it can be folded up, which can greatly save your office space. And if you want to move the table to another place or store it, it is also very simple and convenient.

Another key point,each table has a modesty panel and this privacy panel can protects your privacy.



1.What services can we provide?

In general, we can design corresponding 3D renderings according to the drawings provided by you. We can also  provide you the service of damaged parts caused by transportation.

When you want sample service, we can help you make samples in 7-15 days. When there is a problem with the transportation customs, we can provide you with proper solutions .

If your project is large enough, we can also  invite you to visit our factory for free and take you on a trip in China.

2. Is Training Table made in China good quality?

Must be remembered , you can purchase our Training Table products with confidence. Our Training Table are also  produced by mechanical control, with a tolerance range of 0.01-0.2cm. We also use high-quality steel, plastic and wood as raw materials for the production of Training Table products. We have relevant environmental protection certificates, such as CEC/CQC.

3. Is it cheap to buy Training Table from us?

Obviously, you know that there are many different prices and different levels of sellers on different companys . But the prices they mark are not necessarily true. Without delay,we can according to your demand for products, give the most accurate and true preferential quotation within 12 hours.



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