What Should You Consider When Searching for Office Furniture Manufacturer in China?

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Companies that want to import office furniture from China, have no previous import experience, or have no business with the Chinese market before, should do careful and meticulous research to find a reliable partner with the right price, quality products, efficient production capacity, and affordable service.

In addition, information should be collected from up-to-date and reliable sources on what to do in the import process, customs procedures, shipment organization, and choosing the best payment methods.

Importing is a serious business. A detail that you skipped during the import process, a wrongly prepared document, or a communication problem may cause an extra cost or prolong the delivery of the products. In fact, the most critical point is to find the right partner. What should you look for if you are looking for an office furniture manufacturer in China? What features should you look for in the company?

Let’s check the details you need to look for office furniture based on a successful example:

Office Furniture Manufacturer Selection Process: Example Company – MG Office Furniture

MG Office Furniture is one of the leading office furniture manufacturer & exporters companies in China that offers various kinds of office furniture.

If you are going to import office furniture, you can make an evaluation based on 4 reference information provided by MG Office Furniture when looking for a manufacturer in China:

1. Company Background: 29 years of experience, the company has become a large-scale exporter enterprise focusing on office furniture.

2. Factory Information: Company factory and facilities are world-class services and production capacity of all kinds of office furniture.

3. Key Products: Production of office furniture such as office desks, workstations, sofas, coffee tables, reception desks, conference desks, office chairs and many more. Their products are exported to the US, Europe, India, Japan, and the Middle East.

4. Advantages: B2B business capacity, various kinds of products, 24/7 customer service, high manufacturing capacity, experienced exporter.


How Can You Find Office Furniture Manufacturers in China?

You can use four main sources to do this type of research in China.

1. Sectoral Exhibitions
2. Industry publications
3. B2B marketplaces and Sourcing companies
4. Manufacturer companies’ websites and social media channels.

You will have to gradually evaluate the exporting companies and product groups that you will identify through all these sources and research channels. After the pandemic process, we see that sectoral fairs have turned into digital fairs, and companies do not show as much interest in fair participation as before. On the other hand, B2B marketplaces can cause confusion in terms of the reliability of thousands of companies they contain.

Nowadays, it’s clear that manufacturing companies can stand out with their own websites. Assist it with social media channels and blog posts that will enable this site to attract potential customers from all over the world.

Nowadays, manufacturers can make sales through their own websites by supporting it with social media channels and blog sites, that is, by attracting traffic. There are many ways to do e-marketing by attracting potential customers to the main site, such as e-mail marketing, search engine optimization, AdWords ads. MG Office Furniture is a good example of an innovative office furniture manufacturer successful in e-marketing. By making use of the opportunities offered by the digital age, all product images, technical information, and quality documents can be shared with customers. With Zoom meeting and 24/7 customer service, time zone differences and the disadvantages of being far away are eliminated.

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