Office Furniture and Its Place in the Furniture Industry

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Office furniture is a product that combines art and technique, which affects the usefulness of the space with its functional value, makes the space look beautiful with its aesthetic value. Office furniture is produced in different concepts for home users, including workplaces, co-working areas, and study rooms. Typical raw materials used in the manufacture of office furniture are wood, steel, plastic, and glass. These raw material differences determine the main classifications in global trade.

Furniture can be classified according to many different criteria. The basic furniture classification is made in 3 categories:

1. Classification of furniture according to its use: Indoor furniture and outdoor furniture
2. Furniture classification according to production materials: Wooden furniture, metal furniture, plastic furniture, furniture made of natural stones, furniture made of composite materials, etc.
3. Furniture classification according to whether they are movable or not: “Movable furniture and fixed furniture.”

In the Customs Tariff Statistics Position (HSCode), furniture is shown in chapters 9401, 9402, 9403, and 9404.

Office furniture is classified as furniture made of metal or wood, according to the area of ​​use, used indoors, and according to the material used in its manufacture.

1. 940310 Furniture; metal, for office use
2. 940330 Furniture; wooden, for office use
3. 940130 Swivel seats with variable height adjustments (office use)

Why Importers Choose China For Office Furniture?

In countries such as Vietnam, Mexico, and Poland, there are small-scale workshops, most of which work with traditional methods. These manufacturers are not only able to offer a standard quality but also produce with a limited capacity. Germany and Italy are other important producers, but they are not competitive on price. China is unrivaled in product diversity; China is the world’s biggest furniture and office furniture producer, producing by itself the total capacity of the following ten countries.

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