Workstation Desk-New Design


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This modern workstation desk with high-quality iron legs adopts a simple line design and warm screen color. It has complete functions and high space utilization. No matter how many people are in the office, you can find a suitable combination plan, which is very practical.



Office Workstation Desk-New Design

MG Office Workstation Desk: Your Ideal Office Furniture Choice

Product Name:Office workstation deskBrand Name:MG
General Use:Commercial FurnitureType:Office Furniture
Office Furniture:MFC/MDF Desktop
Steel Frame
Design Style:ModernAppearance:Contemporary
Model Number:MGBT-001Application: Office Building, Home Office, Call Center, Hospital, School, Workshop, Apartment, Supermarket, Warehouse, Hotel, Other
Place of Origin:Liaoning, ChinaPayment terms:T/T 50% deposit 50% Balance
Packing:Packed in one cartonService:OEM/ODM
Certification:SGS, FSCSample time:10 Days

Product Details

Workstation desks are essential office furniture. It is important for employees to use suitable and reliable desks. Comfortable and convenient desks can also make employees work more conveniently, efficiently and easily. MG high-quality desks must be your first choice.

  1. This office workstation desk is equipped with a password lock, which can store your private documents and items inside, which is safe and practical, giving you a safe and reliable office environment.

metal leg workstaion

2. On the side of the modern workstation desk is a large capacity side cabinet. The space inside is large enough to put down the computer host.

3. This coworking desk includes a chassis cooling hole, the heat dissipation can effectively reduce the loss of the computer. Whether it is for the performance protection of the computer, or for the user’s experience, these heat dissipation holes have shown their unique value and significance.

round workstation

4.The legs of this stylish cubicle desk are made of iron, which is stable and durable enough to bear heavy loads without shaking.

workstation L shape

5. The desktop of the MG workstation desk is equipped with a charging socket, so you don’t need to get up from your seat for daily charging, making electricity use more convenient.



Many Benefits of MG Cubicle Workstation Desk

  • The desktop of the MG workstation desk is wide enough to lay many office files, computers, and some other items.
  • The sub-cabinet of the cubicle workstation can store the host computer case and better hide the computer wiring. Each cabinet for the host is equipped with an exhaust fan, which not only solves the problem of host heat dissipation but also makes the entire office environment tidier.
  • The combination of cool-toned decoration and warm-toned workstation desk not only meets the daily work needs of employees but also provides them with a comfortable and pleasant working environment. Some bright and vivid desk colors as embellishments can inspire employees’ sense of innovation. This cubicle desk is equipped with a rubber pink screen. The warm color can also reduce visual fatigue.

4 person cubicles

  • The layout of the facing workstation desk and cubicle is very reasonable, which not only ensures that colleagues have enough space, but also enables the whole area to maintain good interaction and communication. Here, colleagues can focus on their work, and can also communicate and cooperate with colleagues at any time. Every colleague can give full play to his or her potential and contribute to the development of the company.
  • When choosing an office coworking desk, in addition to paying attention to the appearance, you should also pay attention to whether the desk board is healthy. Our boards are environmentally friendly boards that meet the E1 standard, creating a healthy office environment for you.
  • This desk is made of high-quality board material, which is scratch-resistant, waterproof, and easy to clean. The desktop pattern is natural and smooth, and the edge sealing is very flat, smooth and delicate.

coworking desk



Multiple Combination

This modern workstation desk can be customized to any size and the combination can be adjusted to suit your office layout. You can choose a single seat or a multi-seat combination for the cubicle desks.

  1. Single-person workstation desk

The single-person workstation desk is usually 1200L*600W*750H, but any size can be customized according to specific requirements. If you want a separate private cubicle desk to ensure independent thinking and improve work efficiency, then you can choose a single-seat desk.

modern office desk

2. Single-sided/Face-to-face multi-seat workstation desk

In daily work, office employees often need to discuss and exchange ideas and consult everyone’s opinions to find the best solution to solve the problems. At this time, multi-person desks are needed.
Whether it is a single-sided or face-to-face multi-person work table, it is suitable for teamwork and convenient for colleagues to discuss and solve problems together. Face-to-face workstation desks can make it easier to pass documents to people on the opposite side and more convenient for face-to-face communication.

cubicle desk



Some types of workstation desk

  • Straight Workstation Desk

Straight cubicle desks will make the office more compact and dense, and maximize the use of space.

Usually, the office space created by the straight coworking desk makes people’s visual space wider.

  • L-shaped Workstation Desk

There are many ways to place an L-shaped cubicle desk. Through arrangement and combination, it can be placed into various shapes. Four can be placed together in a cross shape, two against the wall can be placed in a T shape, and there are also straight and F shapes, which can make better use of the entire office space.

Compared with straight desks, L-shaped desks have a larger desktop area, which can better meet the employees’ freedom to place items and office needs. Placing some green plants and some decorations in the space on the desktop can not only increase the beauty of the office but also have the function of radiation protection.

  • Special-shaped Workstation desk:

Special-shaped workstation desks can make communication between employees closer, so they are particularly suitable for teams that need open communication, such as companies that have grown with the development of the Internet. Generally, companies that have higher requirements for openness and need more collaboration and communication with each other are more suitable for this type of office.

Special-shaped workstation desks are generally not suitable for long and narrow offices but are particularly suitable for open and larger offices.



How to choose office workstation desks that suit you

Based on the workstation desk itself

Size and layout
Firstly, when buying a cubicle desk, the first thing to consider is the size and layout. The right size can ensure that you have enough space to place computers, documents, stationery, and other office supplies.
At the same time, the layout must also conform to ergonomic principles to reduce the fatigue caused by long-term sitting work. Generally speaking, the height of the desk is about 750mm.

Secondly, high-quality and eco-friendly materials not only ensure that the workstation desk can be used for a long time but also create a healthy and environmentally friendly working environment for you. Common desk materials include solid wood, board, metal, glass, etc. You can choose the right material according to your preferences and budget. This coworking desk uses MFC/MDF environmentally friendly board.

Storage function
Meanwhile, when working, you may find that you need more space to place documents and office supplies. Therefore, when buying a workstation desk, you can consider some styles with storage and expansion functions.
Just like this desk is designed with drawers and filing cabinet storage space, which is convenient for you to sort and organize documents and personal belongings.


Based on the actual condition

When buying a workstation desk, you must also choose according to your actual needs and office environment.

Personal needs

For example, if you need to communicate with colleagues frequently, you can choose an open desk. If you need a quiet working environment, you can consider an independent office or a screen desk.

This desk provides you with two options. You can choose to add a screen to get a quieter office environment, or not add a screen to facilitate communication with colleagues.

Office environment

At the same time, the color and style of the desk should also be coordinated with the overall office environment to create a comfortable and harmonious working atmosphere. This desk is particularly suitable for creating an office full of creativity and vitality.


Company Instruction

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