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Our office cubicle desk furniture can solve any workspace’s needs with the flexibility to adapt as those needs change. Experience the perfect blend of style and functionality with our Workstation, making work a seamless and enjoyable journey. Elevate your work experience.



Our office cubicle desk furniture can solve any workspace’s needs with the flexibility to adapt as those needs change. Experience the perfect blend of style and functionality with our Workstation, making work a seamless and enjoyable journey. Elevate your work experience.

Product Details

Product Name:Modern Office Cubicle DeskBrand Name:MG
General Use:Commercial FurnitureType:Office Furniture
Design Style:ModernSize:850*850*800mm/1850*850*800mm
Model Number:MGD-1328Application:Office, School
Place of Origin:Liaoning, ChinaPayment terms:T/T 50%deposit 50 Balance
Warranty:3 YearsMOQ:1set
Packing1 pcs/ctnService:OEM ODM
InflatableNoMail packing:Y
Supply Ability5000 Pieces /per MonthPortDalian Port


office cubicle

                Office Cubicle Designs and Materials

Modern and Fashionable

  • Our Workstation is an advanced desk in order to improve work efficiency and create a comfortable experience. Its design is inspired by the fusion of modern fashion in order to to provide users with a high-quality working environment to meet the needs of different working scenarios.
  • In order to meet the individual needs of different users, we provide customized services, which can adjust the size, color and function according to the user’s preferences and work scenes to create a unique Workstation.
  • Workstation in order to create a comfortable and efficient workspace, bringing users a more pleasant working experience and better work results. Embrace the future of the office, choose workstation, keep pace with the times, and experience excellence.

High Quantity Materials

25 mm MFC board

The tabletop is composed of E1 MFC/ MDF. It’s environmentally friendly. 25mm tabletop board is thicker than similar type desk on the market, also to ensure its bearing capacity.

They perform well in carrying heavy loads and resisting impact, so when you put heavy objects on the table, you can rest assured that the table will not be damaged.

The use of environmentally friendly panels helps reduce indoor air pollution and waste of resources while promoting sustainable development. Choose products with reliable environmental performance and make an environmental contribution to the earth.
25mm table top
Durable Metal Frame
The metal frame of the office cubicle has strong functionality and aesthetics, providing users with a superior experience and environment. Whether in an office space or in your personal life, metal framed desks are an ideal option worth considering. Big space file cabinet can also store books and documents, sturdy and durable.

Lightweight and flexible: Compared with traditional wooden frames, metal frames are lighter and easier to move and arrange. Its flexibility allows the table to adapt to different layouts and space needs, increasing the flexibility of use.

Modern and Stylish: The metal frame gives the table a modern and stylish look. Its clean lines and metallic luster make the table look more refined and high-end in an office setting.

Easy to Clean and Maintain: The surface of the metal frame is easy to clean, just wipe it with a damp cloth to keep it clean. What’s more, metal is corrosion-resistant and less prone to moisture or damage, so maintenance costs are low.

3 drawer cabinet


Office Cubicle Functions and Features


Desks with partitions have many benefits in an office environment.

  • Privacy and Concentration

Partitions divide work areas, providing privacy and privacy, helping employees to focus and reducing distractions and noise distractions, thereby increasing productivity and focus.

  • Enhance Workspace

The dividers provide vertical space that can be used to secure files, pen containers, etc, effectively organize your workspace and keep your desktop clean and orderly.

  • Offers customization

Partitions are often customizable to employee preferences and needs. For example, you can choose partitions in different colors, materials and heights to match your desk to your personal style and work needs.

  • Improve the acoustics of the workspace

Partitions can absorb and isolate sound to a certain extent, improving the acoustics of the entire office, both reducing noise disturbance and providing a more peaceful working environment.

  • Enhance employees’ sense of belonging:

Customized partitions can provide employees with a personalized workspace, enhance their sense of belonging and autonomy in the work area, and help improve employee satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Promote teamwork

The partitions can be flexibly arranged according to the needs of different teams, promoting communication and collaboration among team members, and creating a better working atmosphere for teamwork.

office cubicle

3 Drawer Cabinet

Spacious Storage

This small file cabinet has  3 spacious drawers. You can pull all your essentials inside, like printing paper, pens, books, or even snacks. The three drawers cabinets can keep your space both organized and tidy.

Easy to move

Significantly, move the cabinet to any place you want with the casters. It can move smoothly on not only the wooden floor but also the carpet.

Lock System 

Unique key for a unique office filing cabinet, take care of your privacy and safe documents.

Many Choices

Different shapes
Our workstation desks are available in a variety of styles and configurations, including curved and rectangular, to suit different office needs. Whether you need a more free-flowing and stylish curved table, or a traditional and functional rectangular table, we have the ideal option for you.
Flexible configuration
We also offer workstation tables in different sizes, including two seats, four seats, and eight seats. This flexible configuration can meet the needs of office teams of different sizes, whether it is a small start-up company or a large corporate office, there is a table style and size that can be found.

Product Advantages and Services

Office Cubicle Desk Advantages

  • In the environment of using the workstation partition, many items placed on the table are separated by the screen working group, which will also make the office look more tidy.
  • The office cubicle also has the function of decoration and creates a good working environment for employees.
  •  The sound insulation effect of this screen working group is very good. It is not only convenient for us to work, but also it will not affect each other’s work.
  • In the office, we usually see the screen working group in pairs. This also can promote feelings between employees. At the same time, due to the screen relationship on the desktop, each other’s privacy can be well protected, and there will be no embarrassing situation at work.

office cubicle


OEM and ODM Services

Certainly, as a senior furniture factory, we could afford  OEM and ODM production because of sufficient professional designers and technicians with many advanced equipment.

Customized service

Certainly, we can according to your specific needs, including the size, shape, material, color and additional functions of the table. Design and manufacture your personalized desk for you.

office cubicle


office cubicle


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