Modern Office Cubicle Desk


Modern Office Cubicle Desk

This modern office cubicle desk is made of high-quality melamine material. Strong and stable with a nice profile, this product will last for years. It will provide you with a spacious working space and personal privacy. Pour a cup of coffee and work hard here, which is more enjoyable.


Modern Office Cubicle Desk Details 

Modern Office Cubicle Desk

Product Name:Modern Office Cubicle DeskBrand Name:MG
General Use:Commercial FurnitureType:Office Furniture
Design Style:ContemporaryAppearance:Modern
Material:WoodenWood Style:PANEL, PANEL
Model Number:MGW-110703Application:Office Building, Hospital, School
Place of Origin:Liaoning, ChinaPayment terms:T/T 50%deposit 50 Balance
Color:customizedService:OEM ODM
Warranty:3 YearsMOQ:1 PCS

Modern Office Cubicle Desk

Materials and Advantages

Modern Office Cubicle Desk Material

  • We Pay More Attention on the Material

We select the highest level of environmental protection board, refuse hollow wood, inferior quality so that make this office workstation for longer usage. The most of office desks we made would use quality materials such as medium density fibreboard, high density fibreboard, various plywood, particle board, melamine board, etc.


  • Toughened Glass Screen&Aluminum Alloy Edge Banding

Our workstation screens are all made of customized toughened glass, with the most professional technology so that ensure its excellent. Aluminum alloy edge banding is also light and strong.

The edge of the screen is made of high-quality aluminum alloy, which has excellent quality such as wear resistance, corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance. The screen has a sound insulation effect, giving you an independent office space, therefore,  it can free from interference and convenient for communication.



  • Side Table Corner Details

When you watch the corner of this workstation, it uses thick bold steel support legs, at the same time to prevent  from scratching. Value and quality coexist to create a tonal workspace. In a word, every detail is responsible for quality.



Modern Office Cubicle Desk Advantages


  • Classic Black and White Color 

Versatile black and white, classic color matching that does not pick the environment, is also a fashionable corner of the office.  The extreme contrast of black and white reduces the “interference” and “impact” of color on the senses so that employees can concentrate more on their work.

 Office Cubicle Desk


  • Thickening Panel

The thickness of the desktop board is 25mm, which is stronger than ordinary desks. Visually, it gives people a sense of security but does not appear heavy. On balance, this office workstation is wear-resistant, delicate to the touch and not easy to scratch.

Thickening Panel


  • Enough  bottom space

The space under the table is spacious enough, and it is more convenient to store things at will. The bottom of the table can be placed with a keyboard shelf, filing cabinet, etc., and the space is both ample and not cramped. An under-desk cord organizer makes it easy to keep your desk both tidy and organized, giving you ample workspace. No leakage in wiring , bid farewell to chaotic wiring


  • Drawer with lock

Obviously, each individual workstation has a three-layer drawer. On one hand,  it can better store your office supplies and personal items. On the other hand, it can also better ensure your privacy and item safety.


More choices

In addition to four-seaters, our tables can also be single-seaters, or combined into two-seaters, six-seaters, etc. In other words, you have a variety of choices. Obviously, it can meet various office scenes and office layouts. It can be a single seat, can also be combined into two seats, four seats, six seats, etc.

 Office Cubicle Desk



Easy to assemble:Follow the clear installation manual to complete the assembly. Accessories and tools are both organized and well -packaged for quick selection. If you have any installation questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be more than happy to assist you.


Why do many companies choose

office cubicle desks?

The working position of the screen desk in the employee office area should be arranged reasonably, so as to create a relatively independent and private office environment for employees. Looking around the current corporate office, significantly, the screen-desk-style workstation seems to have become the standard configuration in the employee office area. Why do many companies choose screen-desk-style workstations in the employee area?

office cubicle desk

The actual effect is good

Before the advent of screen office cubicle , the employees’ office areas were all composed of ordinary desks, which looked very rigid overall, and it was easy for employees to interact with each other. With the development trend of the times, the office staff of the company is obviously  getting younger.

Only the both fashionable and trendy office furniture is more suitable for the characteristics of young employees. It is in this market environment that the desk-style workstations emerged. ; In terms of effect, the screen desk-style workstation has a variety of styles and colors, users can match it flexibly, and the overall effect is better.

Greater indoor space utilization

The traditional desk style is relatively single, lacks coordination ability, and it is often difficult to effectively use the insufficient indoor space; the screen desk-style workstation adopts modularization, which can be flexibly composed, and has more advantages than traditional desks in terms of indoor space utilization..

At present, MeiG office furniture company provides customized services, and customers can also order screen desks of special specifications according to the total area of the employee’s office area, so as to maximize the space utilization rate of the employee’s office area.

Purchase costs are lower

Office screen desk-style workstations are generally composed of two people, four people, six people, etc. In many cases, two working positions use a screen to separate the panel, and the materials used are higher than traditional office The desk saves a lot; the traditional desk is an independent structure, and a lot of materials are used in production, and the cost must be higher.

In the case of the same number of employees, in truth,choosing a screen workstation can save a lot of office furniture purchase costs for the company. It is precisely the key reason why the screen desk-style workstation has become the standard configuration of the company’s office in recent years


Q: How to ensure product quality?

A: We can send high-definition photos or videos for your reference to guarantee the quality. Or you can also choose a third-party inspection service, welcome at any time
Q:Are you a manufacturer or a wholesaler?
A: We are a manufacturer located in Liaoning
Q: Can you accept OEM or ODM service?
A: Sure.We offer OEM designs.
Q: Can you supported whole office space system project?
A: Offer buyer purchase list / CAD layout file.Our team will proposal our quotation/matching solution
Q: What is your Minimum quantity?
A: Small order or sample order acceptable
Q: May I have a sample order before bulk one?
A:Of course, we can provide a sample for you.



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