Office Workstation


Office Workstation

We spend one -third of our time every day in work so having a multi functional desk is very important. This office workstation is our newly upgraded integrated desk, specially produced for office staff.

The design is simple and versatile. Our workstation desktop is made of 25mm high quality melamine board. What’s more, the size is 1200*1200*1100MM/ 2400*1200*1100MM/3600*1200*1100 MM, or you can customize the size you want.

Welcome to choose our workstation desk to make the work more efficient and the office environment more comfortable


Office Workstation Details

office workstation

Product NameModern Office Computer Workstation Tables 4 PersonBrand NameMG
DescriptionSimple design, is an excellent workstation, is made of MFC material, you can customize the size you want.CertificateISO9001/ISO14001
MaterialsCabinets:We have side cabinets next to our workstations
Desktop: Our workstation desktop is made of 25mm high quality melamine board
Material of side cabinet: The cabinet is made of high quality 18mm melamine sheet
Service OEM ODM
Dimension(mm)1200*1200*1100mm   2400*1200*1100mm  3600*1200*1100mmSupply Ability500 Piece/Pieces per Month

Innovative Design of Office Workstation

Design Styles

Back to Nature Design

The design concept of the designer about the office workstation is back to nature.

And our designer said “In the busy city, running on the streets with heavy traffic, we are engaged in high intensity mental work, and fierce competition is always around us. This always makes me admire the moments when I was running in the countryside and roaming in the woods when I was a child. So I thought, looking for more natural flavors in my office.”

Simple and Elegant

We start from design and gather innovative elements to bring you an good office experience.

  1. The lines of the office workstation are smooth and simple.
  2.  The shape of the screen is exquisite and elegant. What’s more, the screen’s color is clean.

What;’s more, the office workstation shows a modern and simple design style, which perfectly blends into various office environments.

Design Functions

Screen Design

The screen design is not only beautiful but also a kind of practical . The screen plays a key role in a variety of scenarios.

  • The screen design of the workstation can not only  reduce the interference noise but also create a peaceful working environment. It allows you to fully release your concentration.
  • The screen design provides a private working space, allowing your privacy to be fully respected.
  • This multifunctional design fosters collaboration while meeting individual needs.

Modern computer desk

There is a pedestal under the office workstation and it has enough storage space.

  • The Pedestal drawer has spacious storage.  Therefore, it can easily accommodate documents, stationery, office supplies, and other essentials.
  • This pedestal drawer is equipped with high quality nylon casters. Therefore, you can easily move it anywhere you want.

Modern computer desk



Excellent Quantity of Office Workstation

E1 Grade Environmental Board

The office workstation is made of E1 grade environmental melamine board.

  • The board is green and environmentally friendly.
  • The board has high strength and is not easy to deform; scratch resistant
  • The board is easy to clean and has high temperature resistance and long service life.

E1 Grade Environmental Board

Steel Legs

  • The entire steel frame foot adopts a spraying process, which is full of metal texture, making the whole table look modern and simple.
  • The inner wall of the metal steel frame feet is thick and has good support, which can stand the test of time.
  • The entire steel frame feet are finely crafted, which improves the grade of the entire tab.

Steel Legs

Superior Hardware

  1. Hinges: We use high quality hardware hinges to ensure that the connection is stable.
  2. Rails:  The smooth guide rail design of the office workstation desk allows you to easily operate in daily use, no longer worry about jamming  problems. Every push and pull will be a pleasant experience, adding convenience to your office time.
  3. PU silent wheel: We introduce PU silent wheels for the desk, its unique design can reduce noise when moving, and create a quiet and comfortable working environment for you.

Superior Hardware


Multiple Options, Free Combination

Each combination of different workstations provides an ideal solution for different office needs.

Whether it is personal focus, small team collaboration or large  team innovation, our diverse workstation combinations can meet the needs of different scenarios and create a comfortable and diverse working environment for your office.

Single-person workstation: focus on independent office

Single-station workstations are ideal for employees  who need individual focus. Whether designing ideas or  data analysis, single person workstations provide individuals with a quiet working environment to help them concentrate and improve work efficiency.

office workstation

One-shaped three person workstation: teamwork and interaction

The one-shaped three person workstation is suitable for the collaborative office of a small team. Team members can sit together to communicate and discuss project progress, share ideas and collaborate to solve problems. This layout promotes teamwork and makes communication more efficient and seamless.

office workstation

Face to face four person workstation: close cooperation and shared resources

Face to face four person workstations are ideal for teams that need to collaborate  and share resources. Team members can meet face to face to easily discuss task assignments, project plans, and more. This layout brings everyone’s skills into the team for more efficient collaboration.


office workstation

Face to face six person workstation: large team collaborative innovation

The face to face six person workstation is suitable for collaborative innovation of large teams. Together, team members can share project progress, pool ideas , and engage in broader team discussions. This layout encourages cross departmental collaboration, enhancing information sharing and innovation.


office workstation

The Development History of Office Workstation

Office Workstations have evolved over time. From the tanker desks of yesteryear to the modular office furniture systems of today, the office furniture industry is constantly adapting to new demands in the modern workforce.

Today’s evolutionary manifestation is tech-savvy office workstations that support and nurture an open office environment by removing the traditional cubicle privacy walls.

These office furniture workstations are often referred to – among office furniture professionals – as a “benching system” or “bench desks” and are characterized by minimal separation among individual work spaces, and smart designs that include data integration.



Company Instruction

Shenyang Meizhige Furniture Co., LTD, located in Shenyang, is a modern enterprise integrated with professional research,
manufacture, sales and service, which is committed to the trend leading office furniture.

Owing to 24 years exprience of furniture manufacturing, MG products include desk group series, screen series, class desk series, conference table series, file cabinet series, ergonomic chair series, campus dedicated combination series, sofa and public chair series, hotel furniture series, hardcover model room furniture series, constituting a strong and rich product lineup of MG brand.

Our Advantages

  • Support OEM&ODM
    More than 25 years of production experience to meet all your needs
  • 20000m² FactoryArea
    We have advanced equipment, more than 400 staffs
  • 8500 Commercial Furniture Projects
    100+ countries exported, we are familiar with various local market needs
  • Full Range of Certificates


Q: How to ensure product quality?

A: We can send high definition photos or videos for your reference to guarantee the quality. Or you can also choose a third party inspection service, welcome at any time

Q: Are you a manufacturer or a wholesaler?
A: We are a manufacturer located in Liaoning
Q: Can you accept OEM or ODM service?
A: Sure. We offer OEM designs.
Q: Can you support  whole office space system project?
A: Offer buyer purchase list / CAD layout file. Our team will proposal our quotation/matching solution
Q: What is your Minimum quantity?
A: Small order or sample order acceptable
Q: May I have a sample order before bulk one?
A:Of course, we can provide a sample for you.


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