Leather Conference Chair


Leather Conference Chair

Choose this conference chair will make your conference room look clean and tidy, soft leather,  seats, in line with the human body design. You can make both artificial leather and genuine leather. The color of the leather can depend on you.


Leather Conference Chair Features and Advantages

Material and Design

  1. High-quality Genuine Leather Material

This chair is made of high quality genuine leather material genuine, providing not only excellent comfort but also an exquisite appearance. Genuine leather ensures durability and wear-resistance, maintaining its pristine condition even after prolonged use and stains can also be easily wiped off.

2. Unique Design Style

Exquisite design details and modern factors that complement various interior decor styles. This leather chair is very suitable in any place, such as corporate office, conference room, hospital, school and shopping mall.

Offers a high-end, professional, and fashionable look, in order to enhancie the ambiance of conference rooms. In particular,the metal frame paired with bright colors creates a stunning visual contrast, making this chair the focal point of a modern office.

leather conference chair

Comfort and Ergonomics

  1. Comfortable Seat Cushion and Back Support

The cushion is preferably high-density sponge, which has better both resilience and moderate softness. In order to fit the waist, it adopts an S-shaped curve design.  Ggentle ergonomic design concept will also  bring you a comfortable experience。

2. Adjustable Seat and Armrests

Obviously, height can be easily adjusted to accommodate individual preferences. The arms provide comfortable arm rests that also give you upper body and shoulder support.

Durability and Stability

  1. Sturdy Frame and Construction

Built with a high-quality metal frame and stable structural design, ensuring durability and stability. Back practical hanging rod Increases the stability of the back of the chair, easy to move the chair, can also hang clothes scarf and other items.

Back practical hanging rod

2. Durable Materials and Construction

The meeting chair uses durable materials and premium components for exceptional both longevity and durability.  Electroplating iron frame of bow metal leg multi-channel process, durable, strong load-bearing.

Electroplating iron frame

Manufacturing and Craftsmanship

  1. Exquisite  Production

The experienced workers produce the conference chair carefully, ensuring precision and flawless attention to detail. Most important,emphasis on craftsmanship details, showcasing exceptional manufacturing techniques in appearance and quality

2. Stringent Quality Control Standards

Adheres to rigorous quality standards and testing processes throughout the manufacturing process. Each product also undergoes strict quality inspections to ensure flawless delivery to customers.

Leather Conference Chair Functions and Applications

Conference Rooms and Business Environments

1. Suitable for various meetings and business occasions

Provides a professional and comfortable seating solution, enhancing the image and comfort of conference rooms. – Offers a comfortable working experience for staff, contributing to increased both meeting efficiency and engagement.

2. Professional Image and Comfortable Working Experience

Stylish and elegant appearance, projecting a professional image suitable for business meetings and client receptions. – Comfortable seat cushioning and ergonomic design aid users in maintaining focus and comfort during extended periods.

leather conference chair

Offices and Workspaces

  1. Extended Comfortable Seating Support

Comfortable seat cushioning and back support promote extended comfortable seating during office work. Obviously, ergonomic design reduces back and lumbar pressure, assisting users in maintaining a healthy working posture.

2. Enhancing Office Ambiance and Professional Image

Contemporary and professional design enhances the overall ambiance and taste of the office space. Rich selection of colors and materials also allow for personalized configurations to match different office styles.

leather conference chair

Product Details and  Specifications


For the conference chair, we can provide various product details, if there is something not mentioned in the table below, you can also contact our sales staff, we will reply you as soon as possible.

Product Name:No Wheels Leather Office ChairBrand Name:MG
General Use:CommercialFurnitureType:Executive Chair, Lift Chair, Swivel Chair
MaterialGenuine LeatherColor:Option
Design Style:ModernAppearance:Modern
Model Number:MGG-2048Application:Home Office, Hotel, Apartment, Office Building, Hospital, School
Place of Origin:Liaoning, ChinaPayment terms:T/T 50%deposit 50 Balance
PackingPacked in one cartonService:OEM ODM
Certification:ISO9001/ISO14001Mail packing:Y


  1. Dimensions :560*450*900mm

2. Color and Exterior Design

Color Options: Present a range of color choices available for the leather conference chair, what’s more,allowing customers to customize according to their preferences.

Exterior Design: Highlight the chair’s sleek and modern design elements, such as clean lines, elegant curves, and contemporary aesthetics.


3. Installation and Assembly Requirements

Easy Installation: Describe the simple installation process in order to ensure hassle-free setup for customers.
Assembly Instructions: Provide both clear and concise assembly instructions, including visual aids to guide users through the assembly process.


How to choose the chairs suitable for the company conference room

The right conference room chairs can provide a comfortable environment for meeting people to feel comfortable and focused during meetings. However, choosing among the many chairs is not easy. The following will give you some key points to help you choose the right chair for your company meeting room.


Firstly,  comfort should be considered. Meetings can last for hours, so chair comfort is important .

Seat cushions should have sufficient padding and support in order to relieve pressure on the sit bones. At the same time, the design of the backrest is also very important, it should be able to provide lumbar and back support.


Secondly, chair adjustability is also an important factor . Conference room chairs should also have a variety of adjustable functions to accommodate different heights and personal preferences.

Seat heights should also be adjustable to ensure everyone can find the height that works for them.

Quality and durability

Thirdly, quality and durability are another important factor. Investing in some high-quality chairs is also a wise choice as they stand the test of time and hold up to regular use without breaking easily.

Choose a chair with a both sturdy frame and hard-wearing fabrics for stability and durability. Additionally, seeing that the chair complies with quality standards and certifications can provide additional assurance.

Design and Appearance

Fourthly, design and appearance are also factors to consider when choosing conference room chairs. The appearance of the conference room is also crucial to the company’s image and atmosphere. Choose chairs that match the design and style of your conference table and overall decor.

Obviously, choose from modern, classic or professional style chairs depending on the atmosphere of your company. Also, make sure the color of the chairs coordinates with the color scheme of the conference room to create a unified  look.


Finally, budget is an important consideration when choosing conference room chairs. When setting your budget, take your needs and your budget into consideration. Learn about the different prices and brands on the market and compare them before you buy to get the best value for money option.

Good luck finding the right conference room chairs and hosting a successful meeting!


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