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From MG, one of the best office chair manufacturers, comes an executive chair that embodies modern minimalist style. Featuring a square head shape and genuine leather in a solid color, its elegance is accentuated by high-gloss metal armrests. With 100% cowhide offering wear resistance, breathability, and a natural texture, this chair boasts a lifespan 2-3 times longer than its synthetic counterparts. It provides an adjustable backrest tilt from 90 to 150 degrees, 10 versatile wheels suited for various flooring, and a robust base capable of supporting up to 360 lbs. Experience the ideal blend of design, functionality, and durability with MG.


MG Furniture: One of The Best Office Chair


MG  established in 1996 is one of the best office chair manufacturers in China. With its headquarters located in Shenyang, MG has evolved into a premier modern office furniture manufacturing brand in China, boasting over 20 years of industry experience.

Over the years, MG has solidified its reputation as one of China’s finest office furniture manufacturers, having secured numerous bids and tenders both domestically and internationally. Today, MG stands as a leading enterprise in China’s office furniture industry.

With a product range encompassing over a hundred different items, MG’s products are extensively utilized across various commercial architectural spaces. The MG factory spans an impressive 2000 square meters, marking it as one of the largest of its kind in China. Globally, the company employs over 400 individuals.

The MG factory is an amalgamation of production workshops, a quality testing center, design and R&D centers, warehouses, administrative centers, training centers, and showrooms. This integrated approach ensures a highly efficient operational process.

MG, as one of the best office chair manufacturers, offers a diverse range of products catering to the high-end market, including economical executive chairs, leather chairs, mesh chairs, and sofas.

Furthermore, MG’s manufacturing base is ISO9001 certified, underscoring its commitment to maintaining a robust and efficient quality and environmental management system.

A Story About MG

On a hot summer day, Tom, a major office supplies importer from the U.S., flew to China in search of a new office chair supplier. He visited five renowned chair factories but always felt something was lacking. Just as he was about to head home disappointed, his Chinese friend recommended MG.

Upon entering Our showroom, Tom was blown away. Beautifully designed, meticulously crafted office chairs were displayed like they were part of a fashion show. He sat in a high-end chair, and it felt like sitting on a cloud, so comfortable he didn’t want to get up.

What’s more, Sam, the manager at MG, took the time to explain their manufacturing process and stringent quality control system. Sam told Tom that MG always adheres to a “quality first, customer-centric” principle. Every chair undergoes multiple quality checks to ensure every product leaving the factory is flawless.

After a thorough discussion with our group, Tom was deeply impressed by their professionalism and dedication to their products. He decided to make MG his long-term partner. Once back in the U.S., Tom placed a large order with MG and referred many clients to them.

With its outstanding product quality and professional service, it proves once again that it’s one of the best office chair manufacturers.

best office chair manufacturers

best office chair manufacturers


The Chair From One of The Best Office Chair

Product Details

Product NameExecutive ChairBrand NameMG
Model NumberMGG-071TypeOffice Furniture
MaterialAluminumSizeDesign according to customer requirements
ManufacturerCan be OEM,ODMMOQ1
Supply Ability10000 Set/Sets per MonthDelivery termEXW,FOB,CIF,DDP
Payment termsT/T 50%deposit 50% BalanceLead time1 – 500 (sets)  20days
>500(sets)      To be negotiated

Product Show


Now, let me introduce you a leather chair from one of the best office chair manufacturers.

Modern Minimalist Style:

Embrace the modern minimalist aesthetic with products from the world’s one of best office chair manufacturers.

  • Square head shape design
  • Solid color genuine leather upholstery sourced from the top office chair manufacturers worldwide
  • High-gloss metal armrests crafted , adding a touch of elegance and brightness to your space
  • Eliminates excessive flashy decorations, creating a neat and stylish environment
  • Opt for this chair to infuse a fresh, natural, casual, and relaxed ambiance into your office and home space, brought to you by the best office chair manufacturers.

Genuine Leather Fabric:

Experience luxury and quality with the genuine leather upholstery sourced from the world’s one of best office chair manufacturers.

  • The 100% cowhide contact surface offers a tactile and visual treat
  • Clear and natural texture with a unique, characteristic leather scent
  • Boasting a substantial 3.5-millimeter thickness, this leather is both durable and comfortable, thanks to the expertise of the best office chair manufacturers
  • Enjoy the advantages of wear resistance and breathability that only natural leather.
  • With a lifespan at least 2-3 times longer than synthetic leather, this chair is an investment in long-lasting comfort and style, backed by the craftsmanship of the best office chair manufacturers.

best office chair manufacturers

Adjustable Backrest Tilt:

Customize your seating experience with the adjustable backrest tilt feature .

  • Control the backrest inclination effortlessly with the pneumatic tube
  • Fine-tune your sitting angle, ranging from a comfortable 90 degrees to a relaxing 150 degrees
  • The absence of gear limits means you can find the perfect angle for your comfort, courtesy of the best office chair manufacturers
  • Secure your preferred position by simply tightening the handle
  • Experience the ease of transforming this chair into a reclining or rocking chair as per your mood and needs, all made possible by the expertise of the best office chair manufacturers.

Backrest Tilt

Equipped with 10 Wheels:

Enjoy versatility and convenience with the chair’s ten wheels for various floor types, a hallmark of the best office chair manufacturers.

  • Adapt seamlessly to different flooring surfaces, whether it’s long-haired carpets, tiles, or wooden floors
  • Equipped with 5 aircraft wheels, perfect for hard surfaces
  • Complemented by 5 A cutter wheels, designed for softer floors
  • Consider keeping an extra set for versatility and easy switching between wheel types, a thoughtful feature from the best office chair manufacturers
  • Experience the convenience of swapping wheels to suit your specific environment, all thanks to the innovation of the best office chair manufacturers.


Base Capacity is 360 lbs:

Prioritize stability and durability with a chair designed to carry a significant weight, crafted by the best office chair manufacturers.

  • The foundation of this chair is built for strength, boasting a robust base
  • The chassis has been thickened to a substantial 8.6*8.6 inches with a thickness of 4mm, ensuring durability and stability
  • This design ensures the chair can withstand movements such as leaning, shaking, and tilting, a testament to the engineering excellence of the best office chair manufacturers
  • If you have specific weight-bearing requirements, this executive chair from the best office chair manufacturers is the ideal choice

The Reson to Choose Us

Vertical Integration Manufacturing:
As one of the best office chair manufacturers, our company offers a unique advantage by serving as both a supplier and manufacturer of premium office chairs. We meticulously control every aspect of the production process, from sourcing raw materials to crafting the final product. This integrated approach ensures quality and precise adherence to delivery schedules.

Rich Production Experience:
Our expertise shines through in every chair we produce. With years of experience in crafting ergonomic office seating solutions, our seasoned team understands the nuances of the manufacturing process and adheres to industry best practices. The result is high-quality, precisely made office chairs.

Customized Manufacturing:
Our role as not only a supplier but also one of the best office chair manufacturers allows us to offer tailor-made manufacturing services to meet your specific requirements. Whether it’s custom sizing, unique color schemes, premium materials, or branded designs, we excel at delivering personalized office chairs that cater to your distinct needs.


Cost-Effective Solutions:
Our position as a manufacturer enables us to optimize production processes, resulting in cost-effective pricing without compromising quality. You can rest assured that you’re receiving top-notch products at competitive prices.

Global Supply Network:
Our extensive global supply network ensures timely delivery and logistics solutions for clients worldwide. As one of the best office chair manufacturers and suppliers, we have the capacity to fulfill orders across various regions, accommodating your diverse needs.

Professional Customer Service:
Our customer service team, well-versed in the intricacies of office chair manufacturing, provides professional support and guidance. We prioritize client feedback and strive to meet their specific requirements, a testament to our commitment as one of the best office chair manufacturers and suppliers.

Sustainable Manufacturing:
We are dedicated to sustainable manufacturing practices, utilizing environmentally friendly materials and methods to reduce our ecological footprint. Our office chair products adhere to eco-friendly standards, offering clients the opportunity to create sustainable workspaces.

By choosing us as your office chair supplier and manufacturer, you gain access to high-quality, customized products, professional support, and competitive pricing—all backed by our reputation as one of the best office chair manufacturers in the industry. We look forward to establishing a long-term partnership with you and contributing to the success of your business.


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