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Swivel Leather Chair

The swivel chair is made of fine leather, which can be synthetic or genuine leather. The chair not only can be commercial (for reception, meetings, office) but also can be purchased for the family.

What’s more,its unique design combines comfortable curves and a stable base to provide you with comfortable support all day long.


The swivel chair is made of fine leather, which can be synthetic or genuine leather. The chair not only can be commercial (for reception, meetings, office) but also can be purchased for the family. What’s more, its unique design combines comfortable curves and a stable base to provide you with comfortable support all day long.

The details are as follows:

Swivel Chair

Product Name

Wholesale Office Furniture Brown Leather Boss Luxury Rolling Swivel PU Leather Chair


Office Design Chairs Set Ergonomic Leather Chair






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Liaoning Province,China

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3 Years

Swivel Chair

Superior Material 

High Quantity Leather 

You can choose genuine leather or synthetic leather for the swivel chair .

Genuine leather

  • Firstly, genuine leather has a natural texture, which is clear and natural, and the gloss is high.
  • Secondly, genuine leather is breathable to prevent mold stains caused by stuffy heat.
  • Thirdly, genuine leather is soft, durable, and tear-resistant.


Synthetic leather

  • Firstly, synthetic leather is cheaper than genuine leather.
  • Secondly, synthetic leather is wear-resistant, cold-resistant, breathable and aging-resistant.
  • Thirdly, synthetic leather is easy to clean and you do not worry about scuffs and stains from everyday use.


High Elastic Sponge

We use high-elastic and high-density sponge, which is durable and not easy to deform.  Another key point is the users will not feel tired after sitting for a long time

Breathable and comfortable

  1. The sponge keeps the cushion ventilated, which prevents excessive heat build-up and keeps you feeling fresh.
  2. The material absorbs moisture effectively, so you can adjust your sitting position without worrying about discomfort from sitting for long periods of time.

Soft and Environmental

  1. The soft surface of the sponge and proper elasticity can effectively relieve pressure and create a comfortable sitting position for your both waist and hips.
  2. Our eco-friendly sponge cushions use natural materials that are not only soft and comfortable, but also reduce the burden on the environment.



Craftsmanship of Swivel Chair

Each leather swivel chair is carefully crafted. From material selection to cutting, sewing to assembly. Every link has undergone strict quality control in order to ensure that every detail of the product meets the highest standard.

Comfortable chair back

(1)The S-shaped backrest has been carefully designed, taking into account the biomechanics of the human body.

Its curve perfectly fits the curve of the human back, providing precise support for the lumbar spine and back, effectively reducing the pressure caused by long-term sitting.

(2)Correct sitting posture is essential to health.

Whether you are working or resting, the backrest will wrap your back tightly to create a comfortable sitting experience for you.

Comfortable chair back

360° armrest design

(1)The armrest design wraps your arm 360 degrees, providing you with intimate support and comfort.

Whether you are working or resting, the armrests always provide stable and comfortable support for your arms.

(2)The double-layer thickened structure is adopted

The two layers of material inside and outside the armrest are integrated with each other, bringing a more full and three-dimensional touch.

The soft material on the inside and the strong construction on the outside combine in order to give you long-lasting service.

(3) The armrest panel has a streamlined new design that provides a smooth and even support surface for your arms.

The touch is more full and three-dimensional so that your arms can be comfortably wrapped, eliminating local pressure and releasing physical and mental pressure

(4) The armrests are designed to support your arms so they can relax naturally. This support takes the strain off your arms and helps you escape the discomfort of sitting for long periods of time.

360° armrest design


Excellent Accessories of Swivel Chair

This chair has selected a series of high-quality accessories, which not only have high value but also give the chair more practicality. No matter from any angle, this chair can easily interpret the leisure and comfort of the office. And you can also feel its high quality without magnifying the details.

High-Strength Chassis

Our chairs are designed with a high-strength chassis and thickened structure to provide you with a stable and solid seating foundation, ensuring that you always enjoy comfortable support when working and resting.

No matter how your sitting posture changes, the chassis will always remain stable, providing a reliable guarantee for your both safety and comfort.


Air Rod 

Our swivel chair are equipped with air rods that have passed the international SGS certification, providing you with safe and reliable seat adjustments in order to ensure your comfort and enjoyment.

This certification stands for high standards of quality and safety, so you can use the chair with confidence.

Air Rod

Aluminum Alloy

We choose high-quality aluminum alloy to make the base to ensure it is strong and durable. Aluminum alloy is not only light but also has excellent anti-oxidation performance, which keeps your seat beautiful and stable for a long time.

The aluminum alloy five-star base is not only beautiful, but also has excellent pressure resistance. No matter how your usage changes, it can provide stable support, provide you with comfortable and safe sitting position.

Aluminum Alloy


The surface of the rollers adopts a non-slip design to ensure stability when used on different surfaces. Whether it is a smooth floor or a carpet, the rollers can firmly grip the ground to avoid the problem of unstable sliding of the seat.

The steering wheel is flexible and can rotate 360 degrees, allowing you to freely adjust the direction of the seat.


Practical  Functions of Swivel Chair

360° Full Rotation

This chair has a unique 360-degree full rotation function.

  • The chair allows you to turn the seat as you like without leaving the seat, and easily reach the desired position, improving the convenience of work and rest.
  • The swivel function of the chair allows you to turn around easily without standing up frequently, thus improving office efficiency
  • Whether it is an office, home or other places, the 360-degree rotation function of the chair can adapt to the needs of different environments, creating a free and comfortable seating experience for you.

Free Lift 

This chair is also equipped with a personalized lifting function.

  • The swivel chair allows you to easily adjust the height of the seat according to different needs.
  • Whether you’re working, taking a break or meeting, you’ll be able to find the perfect sitting height for you.

360° Full Rotation

135° Reclining Design

  • With a 135-degree reclining design, you can easily switch between work and rest.
  • When you need to focus on work, you can adjust the back of the chair to a normal sitting position.  When you need to rest, you can lie down in one step and enjoy a comfortable rest.

135° Reclining Design

Ergonomic Design

This chair, with ergonomic design, provides you with all-round support for your head, back, waist and hips. The chair help you maintain a healthy sitting posture, reduce body pressure, and let you enjoy comfort and health both at work and at rest.

Head Support

This swivel chair adopts ergonomic design head support that can effectively reduce both tension and pressure on the neck. You also can lean back comfortably and enjoy the comfortable support of the head, improving the comfort of work and rest.

Back support

Back support is one of the cores of ergonomic design. Our chairs are equipped with body-curve back support. It can also reduce the burden on the back, help you maintain sitting posture, and prevent low back pain.

Lumbar Support

The waist is a vulnerable part. Our chairs have specially strengthened the design of the lumbar support so that the waist can be supported firmly and comfortably. Whether you’re working long hours or needing a break, the chair can protect your lumbar.

Hip Support

Obviously, ergonomically designed hips allow your hips to be evenly supported. When sitting on the chair, you can feel the comfortable support of the buttocks and protect the health of the buttocks.

Ergonomic Design



Swivel Chair Applications

Office Scene

Above all, this leather swivel chair works great in an office setting. Obviously, its exquisite appearance and comfortable design provide you with a professional working experience.

Meeting room

In the meeting room, the chair not only shows an elegant atmosphere but also provides a comfortable seating experience .

Its ergonomic design and high-quality leather materials ensure that participants stay focused and comfortable during meetings.

Reception area

For a reception area in a commercial environment, the leather chair exudes both high quality and unique style. Create a comfortable waiting environment for your customers and visitors, making them feel both professional and caring.

swivel chair

More than a piece of furniture, our leather swivel chair is your work-life partner, bringing you a blend of comfort, style and quality. Exquisite craftsmanship, high-grade materials and ergonomic design combine to create an unrivaled office chair. Choose our leather swivel chair to give your office space a new look. Improve work efficiency and enjoy a comfortable experience.


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