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This article provides a comprehensive guide on ergonomic chairs produced by the MG ergonomic chair factory. It introduced ergonomic chair features and delves deep into the various features and specifications that buyers should consider when choosing the ideal ergonomic chair.

The piece covers aspects such as headrests, backrests, armrests, chassis types, cushions, and tailored suggestions based on an individual’s physical conditions and needs.


A Story of Ergonomic MG Chair Factory

Ms. Emily, a chief designer at a renowned design firm, found herself spending more and more time at her desk. However, her old office chair often left her with backaches and discomfort. Seeking a solution, she began exploring high-quality chairs in the market.

At a design exhibition, Ms. Emily stumbled upon the MG ergonomic chair factory’s booth. She was immediately drawn to MG’s ergonomic office chairs, particularly their design philosophy and adjustable features. Deciding to give it a try, Ms. Emily purchased one.

To her delight, within just a few days, her back pain significantly reduced. She started recommending the chair to her colleagues, and soon, the ergonomic chair produced by the MG’s ergonomic chair factory became the top pick among designers.

From Emily’s story, we can see that MG’s ergonomic office chairs not only provide comfortable sitting, but also bring real health protection to users. If you need to buy a lot of office computer chairs, welcome to contact us!  

The specific information is below:

MG is a manufacturer that has been in the field of office furniture for 24 years. Today, as a practitioner, MG will talk about how to choose an ergonomic chair.

Brand NameMGFunction360 Swivel
ColorOptionalWarranty 3 Years
MOQ2 PiecePayment termsT/T
Supply Ability5000 Piece/Pieces per MonthModes of packingPacked in two cartons

Purchasing Parameters


The headrest is used to support the neck. It also can reduce the pressure on the cervical spine when we sit or lie down normally.

It’s worth mentioning that some high-end ergonomic chairs also don’t have headrests.

That’s because the working philosophy in some countries is that if you need a headrest to rest, you should go to bed instead of sleeping in a chair. Therefore, ergonomic chair factory in the countries will not consider the design of neck pillows.


  • no headrest
  • fixed headrest
  • 2D headrest
  • 3D headrest
  • 6D headrest

Mid- to Low-end Headrest: no headrest,  fixed headrest, 2D headrest

The support range is limited. They are basically useless when sitting upright or working at the desk. The cervical spine can only be supported when leaning back slightly.


Mid-to-High-end Headrest: 3D headrest, 6D headrest

Only these two headrests can extend forward so that the cervical spine can be supported when sitting and working.



The function of the backrest is to provide back and lumbar support and help us maintain the curvature of the thoracic spine, lumbar spine, and sacrum.

Therefore, the ergonomic chair factory’s  design of the chair back must incorporate normal physiological curvature. If the curvature of the chair back is too exaggerated, it will destroy the normal curvature. It will only make people feel more tired.



  • Single backrest without lumbar support
  • Single backrest with fixed lumbar support
  • Single-back with adjustable lumbar support
  • Double-backrest

Single backrest without lumbar support or fixed lumbar support: These two backrests are not recommended here because the feeling is too subtle.

Single-backrest adjustable lumbar support: For people who have no problems with the lumbar spine, you can choose this design.

The support points can be adjusted independently within the lumbar spine range, and the flexibility is relatively large. After all, everyone’s comfort point is different. The disadvantage is that it supports Not to the sacrum.

Double-backrest design: For people who like to have a more prominent waist feel, it is recommended to choose a double-back design. Especially for people with lumbar disc herniation, be sure to choose a lumbar support with a large enough area to support the sacrum.

ergonomic chair factory


The armrests mainly provide auxiliary support for the arms and relieve shoulder fatigue. Generally, a design with up and down, front and back, rotation, and left and right adjustments.

The armrest has richer adjustment functions, the chair scenarios produced by the ergonomic-chair-factory are wider. But for normal office work, it is enough to choose the upper and lower ones.

But for normal office work, it is enough to choose the upper and lower ones. If you have other needs such as playing games, you can choose rotatable 3D or 4D armrests.



Self-loading chassis

Control the tilt lock, height lifting and other operations through the control lever. The tilt force cannot be adjusted independently and can only be adapted according to the user’s weight.

The result is that if the weight is light, the tilt may not be able to go back, and if the weight is heavy, it may not be able to tilt back. It may be difficult to get up.

Single-spring lever-controlled chassis

Use a control lever to control recline locking, lifting and other operations, and adjust the recline strength through a knob. People of different weights can find a recline support strength that is more suitable for their own weight.

The disadvantage is that the adjustment is not fast enough. Convenient, but the recoil force is not even enough.

Double-spring wire-controlled chassis

The lift and tilt are controlled by paddles, and the tilting force is controlled by the rocker. The adjustment is faster and more convenient, and the tilting force is more even.

ergonomic chair factory

                                                                                        Self-loading chassis  Single-spring lever-controlled chassis  Double-spring wire-controlled chassis

Double-spring wire-controlled chassis>Single-spring lever-controlled chassis>Self-loading chassis 


Air pressure lever and Five star feet

The air pressure rod is used to raise and lower the chair cushion. Safety is very important. When purchasing, give priority to air pressure rods with SGS, TUV, BIFMA and other certifications and tests.

It is recommended to choose a three- or four-level air pressure rod, and the air pressure rod must be selected with a certification stamp.

ergonomic chair factory

Five-star feet are mainly made of aluminum alloy, nylon, stainless steel and other materials. Nylon feet are light, and their load-bearing capacity and strength are not as good as those of steel alloy feet.

For heavy-weight people who are at risk of rollover, it is recommended to choose steel-aluminum alloy ones, which are suitable for a wide range of people and are more durable.

five star feet


cushion material

The seat material of the chair mainly includes sponge and mesh. Mesh cushions are more breathable than sponge and will be more comfortable, especially in summer.

However, sponge and mesh are not absolutely good or bad. Which one to choose depends on it. Individual weight and needs.

ergonomic chair factory



cushion depth

The depth of the seat cushion will directly affect the support and comfort of the legs. The sitting depth is too shallow and the length is not enough to support the knee position.

Sitting for a long time will cause fatigue. Sit deeper, which will provide better support for the entire thigh and reduce pressure on the spine.


Purchasing chairs in the ergonomic chair factory

1. Budget:

Our ergonomic chair factory has chairs with different prices.

(1) Ordinary: Compared with ordinary computer chairs, it has more adjustability and is more compatible with body shapes (the seat height can be adjusted).
(2) Mid-range: The most important thing is that the mesh material of the seat cushion and backrest is better, making it relatively comfortable to sit on, and the second is that it has more adjustability.

(3) High-end: It adopts a relatively complex chassis (generally wired control is used, which is easy to operate and smooth to adjust), and has better dynamic support (one of the core functions of ergonomic chairs).

2. Height and weight:

This is mainly for people with small bodies, tall people and heavy weights. Please pay attention that our ergonomic chair factory has hairs suitable for different body types.

(1) Small stature

The small stature I’m talking about here refers to those around 150cm. You should pay attention when choosing a chair. Don’t worry if the seat is too high. You can use a footrest or a shoe box. But if the seat cushion is too wide and the whole seat is not full, there is actually little point in buying this ergonomic chair.

(2) Tall man

Tall people, those above 185cm, should also pay attention to the fact that the backrest of some chairs is not high enough, or the height of the backrest cannot be adjusted, which will cause the entire chairback to support your spine in the wrong position, and the headrest will be too low.

Therefore, you should choose a chair that can adjust the height of the backrest. The height adjustment range should be large, and the seat height adjustment should also be large.

(3) Heavy weight

The heavy weight here refers to the kind above 85kg. Don’t buy the kind of high-elastic mesh chair. It’s too soft for you. You will sink in when you sit on it, and then the front end of the seat cushion will press against your thigh. Time Over time, it will compress the nerves in the thighs, block blood circulation, and cause numbness in the legs.

You can choose a harder seat cushion, a specially made low-elastic mesh, or a high-density sponge cushion.

3. Physical condition

What we are mainly talking about here are those who have had lumbar disc herniation, lumbar muscle strain, or cervical spondylosis.

It is recommended that this kind of people choose a double-backed chair with a partition design, which will be better



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