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MG, one of the leading office chair manufacturers, presents the Visit Chair, a blend of luxury, style, and comfort. This ergonomic masterpiece, crafted with premium materials, stands out in durability and elegance, ideal for any professional setting. The office chair is made of fine leather, which can be synthetic or genuine leather, is Ergonomic, comfortable to sit on and can be customized in color. Can Be Commercial (for reception, meetings, office), can also be purchased for the family.


MG Furniture: One of the Outstanding Office Chair Manufacturers

As one of the leading office chair manufacturers in the industry, since its establishment, XX Furniture Foreign Trade Company has been committed to bringing excellent quality office furniture to the global market. Our experience and passion have provided unique, high-quality office solutions to hundreds of global wholesalers and retailers.

A Story About  MG Office Chair Manufacturers’s Visit Chair

A memorable instance involves Robert, a manager at a prestigious law firm. As they expanded their offices, they needed a chair for their waiting area that not only offered comfort but also exuded elegance and professionalism.

Robert chose our leather visitor chairs, and the feedback was immediate. Clients frequently complimented the upscale feel of the waiting area, and Robert mentioned, “Your leather chairs have added an undeniable touch of class to our office. They’re not just chairs; they’re a statement.”

Now, let me introduce the office desk to you.


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Product Show of MG Office Chair Manufacturers

Product Features

Soft and Comfort

Forget the discomfort that keeps you from focusing on your tasks. As one of the most office chair manufacturers, our visit chair is crafted with your ultimate comfort in mind

  1. Headrest Cushion: Say goodbye to neck strains with our thickened sponge headrest. Filled to perfection, this cushion offers a soft, cozy embrace for your cervical spine, ensuring comfort during long hours of work.
  2. Sofa-like Seating Experience:  Made with high-density, the seat is not only comfortable and soft but also boasts excellent elasticity.
  3. Advanced Seat Cushion System: Dive into 10cm of embedded thick cushioning that meets the physical pressure needs of the human body.

Good Material 

The chair’s material of MG office chair manufacturers is apparent at first glance and touch.

  1. The visit chair is constructed with carefully chosen PU material, renowned for its water-resistant, stain-proof, and easy-to-clean properties. Filled with high-density sponge padding, it mimics the appearance of genuine leather, offering a luxurious look.
  2. Robust Weight Support: Quality isn’t just skin-deep. Our chair features a premium base, gas lift, and steel five-star feet, designed to support weights up to 200KG.
  3. Sturdy Steel Frame: Our chair boasts a 1.8MM thick steel construction. No shortcuts here! With its polished finish, it’s not only visually appealing but also resistant to corrosion and built to last.

good material

Ergonomic Design

Comfort and support are paramount in an office chair manufacturers, and our ergonomic design ensures just that:

  1. Contoured Backrest: Our chair boasts an ergonomically designed backrest that offers impeccable support to your neck. Crafted to align with the natural curve of your spine, it cradles your back, ensuring that you’re not just seated, but truly supported.
  2. Seamless Steel Armrests: The all-steel armrests effortlessly align with the natural arc of your elbows. It allows for a relaxed hand placement and significantly reduces elbow pressure.

office chair maufacturers.

Ergonomic Design

Product Details

Product NameVisit ChairBrand NameMG
Model NumberMGG-2002TypeOffice Furniture
ManufacturerCan be OEM, ODMMOQ1
Supply Ability1000 Set/Sets per MonthDelivery termEXW, FOB, CIF, DDP
Payment termsT/T 50%deposit 50% BalanceLead time1 – 200 (sets)  15 days
>200(sets)      To be negotiated

office chair maufacturers

Why Choose Us?

Tailor-Made Solutions: At our office chair manufacturers facility, we offer a variety of colors and styles to cater to diverse office environments. Whether you’re looking for a classic design or something more modern, we’ve got you covered.

Superior Quality: Quality is our top priority. As one of the leading office chair manufacturers, we meticulously oversee every step of the production process, ensuring each chair meets our rigorous quality standards.

Competitive Wholesale Pricing: For wholesalers and retailers making bulk purchases, we offer competitive prices and flexible delivery options. We also would like to collaborate with businesses of all sizes so you don’t worry the quantity of your order is small.


Exceptional After-Sales Support: Our relationship with clients doesn’t end upon delivery. We offer extensive after-sales support, including warranties, maintenance guidance, and prompt customer service, ensuring your continued satisfaction and trust in our products and services.

Choose us for a partnership rooted in excellence, understanding, and mutual growth.


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