Executive Leather Chair


Executive Leather Desk

The executive leather chair is made of high-quality materials, high-grade PU leather fabric, soft and breathable, and the metal material has good bearing capacity and is not easy to rust. The overall design is elegant and modern. This executive chair will provide you with a comfortable ride, perfect for home, office and boss desk.


Executive Leather Chair Details

Product Details

Executive Leather Chair

Product Name:

Ergonomic Executive Boss Swivel Office Leather Chair

Brand Name:MG
General Use:Commercial FurnitureType:Executive Chair, Lift Chair, Swivel Chair
MaterialSynthetic LeatherColor:Customized
Design Style:ModernAppearance:Modern
Model Number:MGG-335AApplication:Office, Home Office
Place of Origin:Liaoning, ChinaPayment terms:T/T 50% Deposit 50 Balance
Warranty:3 YearsMOQ:1pcs
PackingPacked in one cartonService:OEM ODM
Certification:ISO9001/ISO14001Mail packing:Y

 Product Materials

  1. Leather The swivel office chair is made of high-grade leather fabric, which is very both soft and breathable. The high-quality imported top-layer cowhide is used as the raw material, with uniform both color and luster, exuding a subtle, delicate luster, and a comfortable touch. In short , the finished leather with a soft sitting feeling brings high-quality enjoyment and is durable.
  2. SpongeThe executive chair is made of both high density and elastic sponge. Obviously, well-padded seat and backrest deliver cozy sitting experience for work and relaxation
  3. Structure

The chair has gone through 1136kg load tests, no structural damage, both long -term use of stable and durable. We have also reinforced the structure of the chair by using better material with stronger strength.

Executive Leather Chair Structures and Functions

Product Structures

  • Fixed Head Pillow

The PU leather pillow, a wide contact area, comfortable to support the both head and neck. When you are long time working, you can have a rest with the head pillow. According to the upgrade ergonomic supporting cervical vertebrae design, our desk chair also  will reduce your neck pain.

Fixed Head Pillow

  • L Armrest

Significantly, the seat armrest adopts an inverted L shaped design, and it touches soft and comfortable. What’s more, the armrests are both covered by the soft pad of waterfall shape. In the long run, they are a great rest place for your arms as the soft pad protects your elbows from pressing against the hard surface.

L Armrest

  • Electroplated Air Pressure Rod5 cm electroplated air pressure rod, national SGS certification, passed 100,000 lifting and rotating safety certifications, eliminating potential safety hazards.

    Electroplated Air Pressure Rod

  • Explosion-proof ChassisLuxury explosion-proof chassis support, thickened multi-functional luxury chassis, let you also sit on the chair without any worries.

    Explosion-proof Chassis

  • Aluminum Alloy Flat FeetSafe load-bearing aluminum alloy flat feet, 350MM safe load-bearing feet, not only make the chair feet have load-bearing,  but also more durable.

    Aluminum Alloy Flat Feet

Product Functions

1.Firstly, lock&tilt function.  Multi-angle back reclining, every angle is comfortable. Four gears are locked, 115 degrees-135 degrees, to meet the needs of the lunch break, and relax. The tilt function with position lock and 110° back adjustment, both safe and comfortable

You can also relieve your stress by using the adjustable tilt function to rock back. The chairs are also ready for your office rest, perfect for home, office and boss desk!

Executive Leather Chair

2. Secondly, adjustable Height function. The chair height is adjustable, so you can find a chair height that suits you according to your height. Gas lift  also allows you to raise or lower your chair smoothly and safely.

3.Thirdly, ergonomic function. According to the upgrade ergonomic supporting cervical vertebrae design, our desk chair will reduce your back and vertebrae pain when you are long time working, segmented padded high back and seat with ultra cushioning give you extreme comfort experience, This ergonomic office chair is best choice of Periarthritis of shoulder.

Executive Leather Chair

Executive Leather Chair Application

This chair is used in various places such as offices, meeting rooms, and study rooms, and the sitting feeling is soft and comfortable. Take this chair now. It is very suitable for matching with your desk or other furniture, he must contact the office not only appearance but also comfort.

Executive Leather Chair

Executive Leather Chair


What are the characteristics of ergonomic chairs with different sponges and leathers?


The overall feature of the sponge material ergonomic chair is that the sitting feeling is soft, the sitting feeling is more solid, and the heavier people feel more secure when sitting on it.

1. Ordinary styling sponge
Advantagest.On one hand is inexpensive. On the other hand is very soft.
Disadvantages: On balance ,easy to collapse, not high comfort.
Recommended crowd: In short, people with a small budget and a short daily use time.

2. Memory foam
The usage rate of memory foam is relatively high, and it is widely used because of its high cost performance and strong comfort.
Advantages: On one hand is high comfort. On the other hand ,distribute more body gravity.
Disadvantages: easy to get dirty, difficult to take care of, relatively weak heat dissipation.
Recommended crowd: In brief,people  who sit for a long time.


Divided into leather and PU leather, PU leather has a higher usage rate.

1. Leather
Advantages:On one hand is  high-end style with texture. On the other hand is easy to take care of.
Disadvantages: Expensive, really expensive ~ needs regular maintenance, not water resistant, if not properly maintained, cracks will appear.
Commonly used scenes: CEO office, boss office chair, study room.
Recommended crowd: In brief,  people with a sufficient budget.

2. PU leather
Advantages: The price is moderate, the texture is also good, and it is more convenient to clean and take care of.
Disadvantages : On balance, poor breathability is the disadvantages .
Commonly used scenarios: It can be used in the office area of employees and at home in daily life, and is also suitable for various scenarios.
Recommended crowd: In short, the pursuit of cost performance.



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