Writing Chair


Writing Chair

MG Writing Chair has a specially designed adjustable tablet. The backrest and armrest are ergonomically designed to deliver optimal sitting support.

Our work chairs are designed to encourage movement, creativity and engagement in the office. Our ergonomic seating responds to your movements and the way you work and uses advancements to advanced engineering to reduce pressure, maximize comfort and ensure support.



MG Writing Chair has a specially designed adjustable tablet. The backrest and armrest are ergonomically designed to deliver optimal sitting support.

Our work chairs are designed to encourage movement, creativity and engagement in the office. Our ergonomic seating responds to your movements and the way you work and uses advancements to advanced engineering to reduce pressure, maximize comfort and ensure support.


Writing Chairs Details


Product NamePlastic Molded Training ChairBrand NameMG
ColorBlue, red, black, etc.StyleWith writing pad, armrest, etc. (optional)
Place of UseMeeting, training, lab, or ourdoor partyDelivery Time15 days <100pcs; negotiable >100pcs
Model NumberMGG-513MOQ4 pieces
Warranty:3 yearsPlace of OriginLiaoning, China

writing chair

Modern and Simple Appearance

The is full of modern and simple style in appearance design. Its unique elegant lines and refined details make it the perfect decoration for an office, study or studio.

Whether your office environment is a traditional classic style or a modern and stylish atmosphere, the training chair can be integrated with it to create a comfortable and stylish work corner for you.

Colorful Choices

In order to meet the preferences of different groups of people and the needs of the office environment, we have launched a variety of color options, including black, blue and red.

  •   Black: Classic and understated, it adds a poise and professional atmosphere to your workspace.
  •   Blue: Fresh and lively, the blue chair can bring a touch of cheerfulness and lightness to the office.
  •   Red: Energetic, stimulates creativity, and the red chair makes work more passionate.

This variety not only allows you to freely mix and match according to your personal taste but also injects personality and vitality into your workspace.

writing chair

Perfect Integration

Whether your office environment is traditional or modern, the writing chair will blend in seamlessly, creating a comfortable and stylish work environment.

  • Next to a traditional wooden bookshelf, the simple design of the training chair will balance harmony atmosphere.
  • Next to a modern glass desk, its modern appearance will enhance the stylish atmosphere.

Whether it’s for business meetings, focused work, or creative moments, the training chair will be the perfect addition to your workspace.


A First-Class Seating  Experience

Comfortable Backrest of Writing Chair 

This writing chair backrest curved design in line with the natural curve of the spine, can effectively relieve the pressure on the spine.

  1. The curved surface design can transfer the third vertebra bear the most stress in the sitting posture of the human body to the back of the chair very well. Therefore, it can protect your spine to the greatest extent.

2. The low-back design allows the human body to sit comfortably while maintaining concentration without getting dizzy sleeping. Therefore, the unique design is especially suitable for meetings and training.

3. The breathable mesh back allows air flow in order to keep your back cool, giving a comfortable experience.

4. The folding chair’s 15° tilt rocking function allows you to relax and stretch your back during long hours of sitting, providing you with a comfortable sitting experience.

Comfortable Backrest

Soft Seat of Writing Chair

  1. The seat surface of the chair is designed with a curved surface, which can well disperse the load on the buttocks.

The curved surface makes your sitting posture more stable and comfortable. Whether you’re working long hours or entertaining, our chairs will always be your comfortable companions.

2. The height of the chair is 45cm from the ground, carefully creating a comfortable sitting angle for you.

This height not only helps relax the leg muscles and relieve stress but also improves blood circulation in the legs, keeping you energized during long periods of sitting.

3. The seat cushion is filled with high-density sponge, which has good both elasticity and comfortable sitting feeling. And it is not also easy to deform after sitting for a long time

Soft Seat


Practical Features of Writing Chair

Multifunctional Writing Board 

Our writing chair  comes with a retractable writing board made of high-quality material. It’s easy to use and perfect for both learning and  working.

  • Firstly, the writing board is large enough to accommodate textbooks and notebooks side by side.
  • Secondly, the writing board has a strong bearing capacity and can be placed a laptop.
  • Thirdly, the writing board is self-lubricating, heat-resistant, and wear-resistant.
  • Fourthly, the special pen slot position of the writing board ensures that your pen won’t slip and is always within reach.
  • Lastly, this writing board can be turned upside down, so it is very convenient to get in and out of the seat.


Non-slip Silent Floor Mat

We have added non-slip mute feet to the design of the chair to provide meticulous care for the floor.

Protect Floor, Reduce Rosie 

The non-slip silent feet not only protect the floor from scratches during movement but also reduce the noise generated by the chair during movement and use. This can create more both peaceful and comfortable atmosphere for your space.

Steady Feet, Stable Sitting

The anti-skid design also adds a solid guarantee for the stability of the chair itself. Whether you’re working, resting or playing, the sturdy foot design allows you to sit more securely and fully engage.

Floor Mat

Writing Chair Advantages

Save  Space 

You can stack chairs on top of each other

The chair’s stackable design allows you to easily stack multiple chairs together when you need to store or clear up space. This smart stacking method not only saves valuable space, but also keeps your space tidy and organized.

writing chair


Durable Quality Assurance

Cold-Rolled Steel 

The writing chair we created for you uses selected round cold-rolled steel pipes in order to provide you with a strong and stable chair frame.

This high-quality steel pipe material not only enhances the load-bearing capacity of the chair but also brings more durable quality assurance for your use.

Multi-point Connection, Complete Welding

Every connection is made with our hearts. The multi-point connection design of the chair frame ensures the stability of the chair structure.

And the complete welding process enables each connection point of the chair frame to bear uniform force, providing you with more reliable support.

Strong Surface Treatment

The surface of the strange frame is carefully painted, which adds a lot of color to the chair frame. This treatment not only makes the chair frame smooth as new but also effectively prevents rust.

The treatment can prolong the service life of the chair, and also creates a beautiful and durable working environment for you.


Writing Chair Applications

Firstly, conference room:

In companies, organizations and businesses, the writing chair can be used in conference rooms to support employee training, planning meetings and discussions.

Secondly, seminar and seminar rooms:

For group discussions, interactive learning and research activities, training chairs provide appropriate seating for participants.

Thirdly, school and university classrooms:

In school and university classrooms, you can use the chairs in order to provide comfortable seating for students. It can support long hours of study and class.

Fourthly, training institutions

The training chair is suitable for professional training institutions, such as skills training, vocational training and certification courses, to provide a suitable learning environment for trainees.

Fifthly, workshops:

During creative workshops, craft-making classes and more, training chairs can provide the support creatives and craftsmen need.

Sixthly, training center:

A place dedicated to training and development, such as employee training center, skills training center, etc., can use training chairs to support different types of training activities.

Seventhly, multimedia classrooms:

In modern multimedia equipment, we use writing chair in order to support multimedia presentations, online training and e-learning.

Eighth, gyms and sports training rooms:

In gyms and sports training rooms, you can use training chairs can for seating or for some specific exercises.

lastly, medical training:

Medical training facilities may use training chairs to support training sessions for medical students and medical professionals.

Community Events and Cultural Centers: The training chair also can be used in community events, lectures, cultural performances and more

writing chair


Main Products 

Office Desk

MG  is a office desk supplier specialized in designing and manufacturing affordable and stylish office table. We understand that a comfortable modern office desk for two, four or six improves productivity, such as 4 person office desk.  We also accept ODM/OEM.

MG provides ergonomic square office desk, office cubicles, China square office table, conference tables, office workstations that make better use of space, and partition walls that offer privacy to every employee.

main products

Office Chair 

A comfortable chair plays an important role in our life, especially in the office, the ergonomic chair can bring effective waist and back support and feel relaxed and comfortable. As a china seating supplier, MG will be your best choice.

We have more than 200 chairs for you to choose,  we also  accept ODM/OEM.


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