Soundproof Phone Booth


Soundproof Phone Booth

Elevate your space with our state-of-the-art soundproof phone booths. Tailored for modern needs, these booths offer an oasis of calm in bustling environments. Whether you’re an office professional seeking privacy, a musician craving undisturbed practice, or a student needing focused study time, our booths are the versatile answer to diverse sound and privacy challenges in today’s fast-paced world


Soundproof Phone Booth Details


S: Single soundproof phone booth  is widely used in telephone booth, Violin Room, music room and other private soundproof space, effectively resisting the interference of external noise, but also
to prevent internal sound to the outside world, ensure each other work efficiency is not affected

External Dimensions: W972×D1010×H2272

Internal Dimensions:  W840×D900×H2140

Internal Dimensions: One person

soundproof phone booth

M: The 2-person soundproof phone booth is tailored for intimate, private discussions, making it ideal for confidential chats between colleagues. It serves as the perfect space for one-on-one interviews, ensuring potential candidates have a quiet environment during the assessment.


External Dimensions: W1472×D1310×H2272

Internal Dimensions:  W1340×D1200×H2140

Internal Dimensions:   2 person

soundproof phone booth

L: The 4-person booth emerges as a collaborative hub, apt for small team meetings, brainstorming sessions, or project discussions. Students can harness it as a communal study area, ensuring group discussions remain undisturbed.

For podcasting teams, it offers a sanctuary for recording episodes without external interruptions. Moreover, it serves as a professional environment for presenting pitches or ideas to clients, emphasizing clarity and attention to detail. Teams working on collaborative tasks can utilize the space to exchange insights and feedback without external distractions.

External Dimensions: W2172×D1610×H2272

Internal Dimensions:  W2040×D1500×H2140

Internal Dimensions:    4  person


soundproof phone booth

XL: Designed for larger gatherings, the 6-person booth is a nexus for team meetings where members can converge for strategic discussions, reviews, or project updates. It can be transformed into an intimate space for hands-on training sessions, workshops, or even group therapy discussions.

The size ensures that while there’s room for more individuals, the primary purpose of soundproofing and privacy isn’t compromised, allowing for productive and focused group activities.

External Dimensions: W2172×D2210×H2272

Internal Dimensions:  W2040×D2100×H2140

Internal Dimensions:     6 person


soundproof phone booth

Soundproof Phone Booth Instruction

What is a soundproof phone booth?

The soundproof phone booth is designed for soundproofing. As a soundproof private space, it can be flexibly placed, moved and disassembled multiple times. It is widely used in various scenarios such as business offices, live entertainment, musical instruments, education and training, and home sleeping.

Individual soundproof phone booth or office privacy pods are known by many names, including home office capsules, acoustic pods, and phone booths, and the terms “pod” and “booth” are often used interchangeably. They are designed to be soundproof or sound-reducing and are typically large enough to accommodate a work-from-home desk setup.

These booths are designed to be fitted either outside the home or within the home, or even within an office setup. They are more than just quiet spaces and are privacy boosters where workers can escape the distractions that often accompany a remote working model.

Why does every office need a soundproof phone booth?

Modern workspaces are buzzing with activity. While this energy can be invigorating, it also brings a constant stream of noise. From chatty coworkers discussing weekend plans to the hum of machines and the ring of phones, distractions are everywhere. For many, these sounds become a backdrop to their day, but the impact on productivity and focus can be significant.

In addition to the noise, there’s the issue of privacy—or the lack of it. Open-plan offices might have been designed with collaboration in mind, but they often overlook the need for private conversations. Whether it’s discussing sensitive business matters, making a personal call, or just needing a moment of quiet reflection, finding a secluded spot becomes a daily challenge.

For employees, this means a workday filled with interruptions and the struggle to find focus. For employers, it translates to a dip in overall productivity. Clearly, a solution is needed that addresses both the noise and privacy concerns that are inherent in modern office designs.


Soundproof Phone Booth Function and Material

Practical Functions

Sound Insulation

  • Our soundproof phone booth is made of double layer aluminum honeycomb panel.
  • The surface of the aluminum plates pasted with high-density damping sound insulation felt to meet the requirements of sound insulation.
  • The interior decoration is matched with acoustic materials to meet the requirements of the acoustic environment
  • Design value: Rw+Ctr35dbl+5db) and RT0.255(+0.1s).

Sound Insulation


  • We made multiple sound barriers for the ventilation tunnel to lower the noise of the ventilation fan.
  • Meanwhile, the sound barrier can also reduce much of the sound transmission.
  • The air in the booth can be circulated in 2-3 minutes in order to ensure it won’t be stuffy in the booth.



  • Equipped with a 4000k daylight color temperature LED lighting system 150LX, it would satisfy the needs of normal activities.
  • In the event of additional power requirements, a backup power supply is readily installed inside the booth.


100-240W Power

  • Our booth is equipped with a 12Y-U58 power supply and power rated for 100-240V/50-60H2 complying with common equipment requirements.
  • The three control switches control one lamp and two exhaust fans, respectively.

100-240W Power

High Quantity Materials

Alloy Door Lock

  • The lock adopts high quality zinc alloy lock, beautiful atmosphere and strong corrosion resistance.
  • The lock core is made of copper lock core, safe and wear-resistant, with strong flexibility, which can fully meet daily use needs.

Alloy Door Lock

Hook and Loop Fasteners

  • Magic tape band is used for the backside installation of acoustic materials. lt is environmentally, friendly and odorless, complies with European ROHS standards.
  • Stable and fast installation facilitates repeated used in the future.
  • The material and application design of magic tape has successfully constructed a model that is easy to disassemble and assemble several times.

Hook and Loop Fasteners


Sound Insulation Tempered Glass

Our booth adopts train type sound insulation tempered glass, which meets the requirements of sound insulation and meets the safety and stability of installation and use.

Sound Insulation Tempered Glass

Nylon Carpet

  • We use custom-made nylon carpet which only needs one place of carpet for a soundproof phone booth. The embedded installation method ensures the level of the booth floor and is not easy to slide.
  • At the same time, nylon carpet has good sound absorption performance which can meet our requirements for acoustic design.

Nylon Carpet


Use Cases and Scenarios

The versatility of a soundproof phone booth goes beyond just making confidential calls in an office. Its design caters to a wide array of needs across various settings:

  1. Music Instruments Practicing: For budding musicians or professionals alike, uninterrupted practice is crucial. A soundproof phone booth ensures that the sound from instruments doesn’t disturb others, and equally, outside noises don’t interfere with the practice session.

soundproof phone booth

2. Study Room or Solo Office: Students or professionals seeking a quiet space to concentrate can utilize the booth as a personal study room or a solo office. It offers an isolated environment free from common household or office distractions.

soundproof phone booth

3. Drum Kit Room: Drums are one of the loudest musical instruments, and finding a suitable space where the sound won’t reverberate throughout the surroundings can be challenging. The soundproof phone booth serves as an excellent solution, containing the noise and providing drummers with a dedicated space.

soundproof phone booth

 4. Temporary Office: For freelancers, remote workers, or anyone in need of a temporary workspace, these booths can be set up in public areas, co-working spaces, or events, offering a quiet and private area to get work done.

soundproof phone booth

 5. Recording Studio: Podcasters, YouTubers, or musicians often require a quiet environment with minimal background noise for recording. The soundproof phone booth can be an affordable and space-efficient alternative to professional recording studios.

soundproof phone booth

6. School Reading Area: Schools and libraries can use the booth as a designated reading area. Students can retreat into these booths to read or study without distractions from surrounding activities.

With so many potential applications, the soundproof phone booth emerges not just as a solution for office spaces, but as a multifunctional tool accommodating a range of noise and privacy needs across different settings.

soundproof phone booth

Benefits of Investing in a Soundproof Phone Booth

Soundproof phone booths aren’t just about blocking out the noise; they come with a plethora of advantages that make them an essential addition to various spaces:

Enhanced Employee Productivity: A noise-free environment ensures that employees can concentrate better, make decisions with a clear mind, and ultimately be more productive. Without the constant disruptions, tasks can be completed faster and with higher accuracy.

Privacy for Sensitive Conversations: Whether it’s a private business discussion, a client call, or an employee’s personal conversation, the booth ensures confidentiality. No longer do employees have to hunt for a quiet corner or step outside to discuss important matters.

Flexibility in Office Design: The booth is a mobile unit, allowing for easy relocation as per the changing needs of the workspace. This adaptability means that the office layout remains dynamic, with the freedom to adjust spaces as required.

Increased Property Value: For commercial real estate owners, adding soundproof phone booths can make the property more appealing to potential tenants. It’s a feature that showcases care about the well-being and productivity of those who will use the space.

Employee Satisfaction: When employees know they have a quiet space to retreat to whenever needed, it boosts their overall job satisfaction. A happier employee is often more loyal, engaged, and contributes positively to the company culture.

By addressing both the challenges of noise and privacy, the soundproof phone booth proves to be more than just a luxury—it’s a necessity for modern workspaces and various other environments.


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