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Elevate your workspace with the MG modern office modular table, designed for versatility and functionality in diverse environments such as home offices, schools, hospitals, and corporate buildings. Available in customizable sizes and colors.


In 2005, Brad Neuberg introduced the concept of coworking, a revolutionary idea that has since transformed into a main office business nearly two decades later. Today, coworking spaces have become an essential model for enterprise growth, offering numerous benefits for both individuals and companies. These environments not only facilitate convenience but also provide substantial support to startups. Among the furnishings essential for optimizing these shared work environments, workstations stand out as the best office furniture tailored for coworking spaces. These modular tables are designed to enhance productivity, foster collaboration, and adapt seamlessly to the evolving needs of dynamic business landscapes.

MG Modular Table

Modular Table Information

Product NameModern Office Modular TableBrand NameMG
ApplicationHome Office, Hotel, Office Building, Hospital, SchoolDesign StyleModern
General UseCommercial FurnitureModel NumberMGD-0503
Advantage30 Years ExperienceMaterialMFC or MDF
Payment termsT/TServiceOEM ODM Customized
SizeAccept Customized SizeColorOption
Certification ISO9001Advantage30 Years Experience
Warranty3-5YearsPlace of Origin:Liaoning, China
Selling Units: Single itemSingle package size:2000X1500X1000 mm
Single gross weight200.000 kg
Quantity (pieces)1 – 300> 300
Lead time (days)25To be negotiated


Advanced Features of MG Modular Table

MG modular tables are designed with a blend of functionality and aesthetics, addressing the diverse needs of modern workspaces. Here are some of the standout features of our tables:

  • Tempered Glass Partitions: Our tables are equipped with partitions made from tempered glass, renowned for its soundproofing capabilities. This feature ensures that you have your own private workspace that minimizes distractions while still making it easy to engage in office communications. ure.
  • 25MM Thick Eco-Friendly Board: The tabletops are constructed from 25MM thick eco-friendly boards, which are not only hard and durable but also boast a high gloss finish. The clear and neat texture of the boards is highly resistant to wear and tear. They can withstand sharp objects like knives and are easy to clean. Whether it’s coffee spills or paint, a simple wipe can make the table look as good as new.
  • USB Desktop Hub: To maintain an organized and tidy workspace, our tables include a built-in USB desktop hub for orderly cable management. This feature helps in neatly arranging all wires and cables, getting rid of clutter and freeing up desk space for a more streamlined working environment.
  • Spacious and Comfortable: Designed with ample space, our tables allow you to work comfortably without feeling cramped. This spaciousness helps alleviate desktop congestion, making your work area more efficient and enjoyable.
    These features ensure that MG modular tables are not only practical and robust but also contribute to a more organized, efficient, and pleasant working environment. Whether for individual tasks or collaborative projects, these tables provide a versatile solution that meets the evolving needs of modern offices.

office workstation


Modular Table with Happiness

Creating a Workspace Filled with Choices

A truly happy office environment isn’t just a collection of monotonous cubicles or rows of open-plan desks. At MG, we embrace the pursuit of workplace happiness through flexibility and freedom in furniture design. Our modular tables are crafted to support focused work, collaboration, and sharing—three essential aspects of a productive office space.

By offering a variety of configurations, MG modular tables allow employees to choose their preferred working environment. This flexibility not only caters to different work styles but also helps foster a love for one’s workplace.

Whether you need a quiet corner for deep concentration or a large, shared table for team projects, MG’s modular solutions provide the perfect setting for every task. This freedom to choose and adapt one’s workspace is key to increasing job satisfaction and overall happiness at work.

office modular table

Focused Work Without Distractions

In the dynamic environment of a modern office, maintaining concentration can be challenging. However, separation within the workspace does not have to mean a cut-off from creativity or interaction. Instead, it can enhance your ability to tap into your full working potential.

MG modular tables are designed with high-quality soundproofing materials that effectively isolate noise, allowing you to concentrate without distractions. These partitions create a peaceful enclave even in the midst of a bustling office, enabling you to focus deeply and perform at your best.

By providing a quiet space, MG helps ensure that your creativity and productivity are never compromised by the surrounding noise. This thoughtful design element transforms the way work is done, making it easier to stay engaged and motivated throughout the day.


Friendly and Relaxed Spaces for Easy Communication

A successful team is built on effective communication, which is significantly influenced by the physical layout of the workspace. MG recognizes the importance of creating an office environment that fosters informal, natural, and friendly interactions among team members. Our modular table is `designed with lightweight partitions that can be easily rearranged to suit any desired layout—whether it’s a setup for a manager with two, three, or more people. This flexibility allows the office space to be dynamically adapted to facilitate easy communication across all levels of the organization.

Understanding that happiness in the workplace stems not only from the physical environment but also from a deep appreciation and continuous pursuit of better work practices, MG is committed to rethinking both our perception of work environments and our design approaches. By designing spaces that promote easy and open communication, we help break down barriers between different levels of staff, making it simpler for ideas to flow and collaborations to flourish. This approach not only enhances productivity but also contributes to a more cohesive and understanding workplace culture.


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