Mobile Modern 3 Drawer Cabinet 


Mobile Office Pedestal Drawer

The minimalist design of this mobile office pedestal drawer blends well with any office or home decor.18mm MFC melamine boards and 2mm PVC edge banding. The size is 400*450*650mm. Various colors for your choice.


Mobile Modern 3 Drawer Cabinet

3 Drawer Cabinet

Product Name:Mobile Modern  Pedestal DrawerBrand Name:MG
General Use:Commercial/Home  FurnitureType:Office Furniture/Living Room Furniture
Design Style:Simple and ModernAppearance:Modern
Material:WoodenWood Style:Panel
Model Number:MGC-110Application:Office Building, Hospital, School
Place of Origin:Liaoning, ChinaPayment terms:T/T 50%deposit 50 Balance
Warranty:3-5 YearsMOQ:50pcs
PackingPacked in one cartonService:OEM ODM

3 Drawer Cabinet

Advantages and Materials

Product  Advantages

  1. Partition storage, orderly and not chaotic.
    The pedestal cabinet can be used for daily necessities such as pen holders, water glasses, calendars, etc. Meanwhile, the drawer can also store files, books and some things that are not often needed. Particularly,file cabinets store office supplies in an orderly manner, making storage easier and creating a neat and orderly office environment.
  2. Small footprint, can be placed under the table at will.
    Obviously, the storage cabinet is small in size and occupies a small area. It can be placed under the table for supplementary storage, and can also be placed in any corner of the office or home without affecting the overall layout of your home.
  3. Private storage, free coup.
    Markedly, the lock design can protect your personal privacy. You can centrally manage important files and lock them in the drawer, so you don’t have to worry about losing them, and you can use them with more peace of mind.
  4. Adapt to various scenarios
    This 3  drawer cabinet is a perfect choice whether it is in the office area or as a home decoration. You can put this cabinet in your living room, bedroom or study room at home. It can also be placed in the company’s staff office area or meeting room. Without a doubt, the pedestal perfectly with your existing furniture and adds a touch of sophistication to your space.

   mobile modern pedestal drawer

Product Materials

  • The board is 18mm MFC board with melamine surface. Hard material, stable structure, easy to clean. Wood grain finish, scratch-resistant and waterproof, easy to care for.
  • The edging is 2mm hard-wearing rigid PVC edge.Compact edge banding process, adopts automatic edge banding machine for edge banding. What’s more, it is smooth and does not peel, and has good adhesion.
  • Equipped with high-quality guide rails for each drawer, the pull-out guide rails are very smooth, quiet and without noise. For the most part, it won’t be broken for a long time.
  • The high-quality hardware accessories carefully selected for you will give you a different experience. Metal handle is both smooth and moist. The lock system also adopts high anti-theft toss lock. The lock buckle can be also bent and close to the panel, which is not easy to be damaged. The mutual opening rate is 1/2000, and it can still be used normally after 10,000 times of opening. In addition, the screws are strong and durable.




3 Drawer Cabinet

Design and Customization

3 Drawer Cabinet Design

  1. Steering wheels with brakes are thoughtfully designed at the bottom of the table. The directional wheel design can make the cabinet move both freely and conveniently, even girls can move it easily. Reverse theory, both quiet and wear-resistant, no damage to the floor, strong bearing capacity.
  2. Because featuring a 3-tier lockable drawer system, this cabinet offers ample storage space for all your essentials. Whether you need to store documents, stationery or personal items, you can keep everything organized and safe.
  3.  The U-shaped handle makes the 3 drawer cabinet more convenient to pull and out, both beautiful and practical. In short, the design of the U-shaped handle is very humanized.
  4. This sleek and modern storage unit design idea is designed to enhance your workspace while giving you the convenience you need to stay organized. Undoubtedly, it can increase work efficiency and practicality.

mobile modern pedestal drawer

Product Customization

Indeed, our company’s 3 drawer cabinet comes in a variety of styles for you to choose from. Our company also has mobile cabinets in various colors and sizes, which can meet different home and office environments.

As an office furniture company in China with many years of rich experience, we also accept customization, OEM and ODM orders from buyers. First thing to remember, please feel free to contact our sales representatives for competitive bulk purchase prices.

mobile modern pedestal drawer mobile modern pedestal drawer

Other Mobile Modern Pedestal Drawer

How to Remove Cabinet Odor?

  • Firstly, open the cabinet door, ventilate, and take away the strong smell in the cabinet through air circulation.
  • Secondly, make a hanging bag with bamboo charcoal and put it in the 3 drawer cabinet, which can remove peculiar smell, and can also prevent moisture, sterilize, and repel insects. Putting bamboo charcoal in the cabinet will completely remove the smell of wood and glue in less than a week. Bamboo charcoal also has the functions of purifying the air, eliminating fatigue and resisting radiation.
  • Thirdly, spray the closet inside and out with a formaldehyde remover. In this situation, the peculiar smell of the cabinet will disappear naturally in about a week.
    Above all, use 300 grams of black tea to make hot tea in two washbasins, put it indoors, and open the windows for ventilation. Significantly, after 48 hours, the harmful gas in the room will be reduced, and the peculiar smell will dissipate a lot. On balance, the effect is very good.
  • Lastly, wipe the cabinet with a damp cloth, because some harmful substances such as formaldehyde are easily soluble in water, so wiping can absorb the formaldehyde on the surface of the cabinet into water.


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