Wooden Office File Cabinet

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Office File Cabinet

As a matter of fact,an wooden office file cabinet is a very useful piece of equipment. It can not only help you manage, protect and save files and materials, but also improve your work efficiency.



Wooden Office File Cabinet Details

Wooden Office  File Cabinet


Wooden Office File Cabinet

Brand Name:MG
Type:Office FurnitureApplication:Office Building
Design Style:ModernWood Style:PANEL
General Use:Commercial FurnitureUsage:Office

Wooden Office File Cabinet Advantage

  1. Evidently, this storage cabinet with lock is used to store documents and office supplies safely and securely.
  2. The upper part of the cabinet door is made of glass, so you can put company certificates and trophies inside for display. The lower door is made of wood so that you can put company documents and personal items inside.
  3. This wooden office file cabinet has a large capacity and can be used by multiple employees to share a locker, therefore you will have a tidy and orderly office environment.
  4.  This locker feels both smooth and delicate,  and  has no peculiar smell, which will give users a safe and comfortable experience psychologically.

Wooden Office File Cabinet Material

  • Melamine Board

Significantly, big hardness, wear-resisting, heat resistance of melamine board  is good, colour and luetre is bright ,it also can 200 kilograms load capacity, belong to the main material in office furniture material.

  • Edge material

PVC plate, with a thickness of 1-3mm sealing edge and there is also a hot melt seed gum sealing edge on all four sides.

  • Hardware instructions

On one hand, the brand hinge has strong bearing capacity, large opening and closing angle. On the other hand ,the hinge has long service life.

  • locking system

On the whole, the wooden office file cabinet adopts high anti-cheft properties to fold the locking button to ensure the security of office privacy. The key can be bent against the panel and is not easily damaged, the opening rate is 1/2000, and it can still be used normally after 10,000 turns on.


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Wooden Office File Cabinet  Customization


Meige Company has 24 years of experience in the field of office furniture since it produced office furniture. The file cabinets have various types such as glass doors, wooden doors, open types ,and closed types. And on this basis, make changes and innovate so as  to meet customer requirements

File cabinet


Generally, you can customize cabinets in different sizes from our company taking the case of your requirement. Meige can provide a customized solution, where is most suitable for you, according to your office space and the number of people in the office.

File Cabinet


As shown below, there are also a variety of colors for you to choose. Comfortable and refreshing, simple and elegant, so it can better decorate your office. All in all, you can select the most suitable color for your office in Meige


Why You Should Buy a File Cabinet for Your Company?

Firstly, filing cabinets can help you manage files and materials. File cabinet is the best assistant for managing both files and materials. By classifying, organizing and distributing various files and materials, filing cabinets not only can effectively manage this information but also ensure that they are not lost or damaged.

Secondly, filing cabinets can provide protection for your confidential information and sensitive data. In the modern office, for the most part, protecting confidential information and sensitive data is paramount. File cabinets are usually designed with locks so that only authorized personnel can access your files or materials.

Thirdly, you can customize filing cabinets according to your needs. you can select file cabinets according to different needs as well as space sizes. Whether it’s a large office or a small personal office, you can find a file cabinet that’s right for you.

Fourthly, filing cabinets can also improve your work efficiency. In a busy office environment, filing cabinets not only can help you locate needed files and materials faster but also keeps your workspace tidy so you can focus more on your work.


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