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Elevate your productivity and comfort with the MG Lifting Desk, designed for modern workspaces. This versatile desk transitions smoothly between sitting and standing positions, thanks to its intelligent, quiet height adjustment system. The MG Lifting Desk not only supports your physical health by alleviating muscle stiffness but also enhances cognitive functions and mental well-being. Perfect for dynamic work environments, it promotes active thinking and creativity.


As work becomes faster-paced, the public’s expectations for office furniture functionality continue to grow. Long hours of sitting have led to widespread fatigue in the neck and back among office workers. The  desk, with its ability to switch between sitting and standing, has become particularly popular as a solution to this issue.

As a result, it frequently appears not only in company offices and co-working spaces but also in homes. Today, let’s explore the MG Lifting Desk together and discover how it can transform your working environment.

MG Lifting Desk

Product Information

Product NameLifting DeskBrand NameMG
ApplicationHome Office, Hotel, Office Building, Hospital, SchoolDesign StyleModern
General UseCommercial FurnitureModel NumberMGD-0502
Advantage30 Years ExperienceMaterialMFC or MDF
Payment termsT/TServiceOEM ODM Customized
SizeAccept Customized SizeColorOption
Certification ISO9001Advantage30 Years Experience
Warranty3-5YearsPlace of Origin:Liaoning, China
Selling Units: Single itemSingle package size:2000X1500X1000 mm
Single gross weight200.000 kg
Quantity (pieces)1 – 300> 300
Lead time (days)25To be negotiated

eletric lifting desk

Why Choose Lifting Desk?

  1. Standing Desk Option for Active Thinking

Standing while working can alleviate the fatigue associated with prolonged sitting, leading to more active and engaged thinking. The MG Lifting Desk provides an easy switch between standing and sitting positions, allowing you to refresh your mind and stretch your legs without interrupting your workflow.

2. Smart Height Adjustment with Quiet Operation:
The MG Lifting Desk is equipped with an intelligent height adjustment feature that operates quietly, ensuring minimal distraction. This allows for seamless transitions between different desk heights, catering to your comfort at any moment of the day.

3. Sturdy and Versatile for Everyone:
Designed to support substantial weight, the MG standing desk is suitable for children, men, and women alike. Its robust structure ensures stability and durability, making it a reliable choice for diverse users across various settings.

4. Eco-Friendly and Healthy Material Choices

The desk is made from melamine-faced boards. These boards are classified under the E1 environmental standard, with a formaldehyde emission level of less than 1.5mg/L. They offer excellent wear resistance and strong load-bearing capacity, making the MG Lifting Desk a sturdy and durable option.

eletric desk

Common Desk VS Lifting Desk

For companies and individuals still deliberating the acquisition of a height adjustable desk, the irreplaceable benefits over traditional desks are paramount. MG, with 30 years of dedication to commercial office furniture, outlines six significant advantages of using a lifting desk:

adjustable height desk

For the Individual

Physical Health Benefits:
The MG electric desk helps relax stiff muscles caused by prolonged sitting. Typically, hours spent seated can tense up muscles in the hips, back, shoulders, and neck. By switching to a standing position, you can stretch and take deep breaths, easing joint stiffness throughout your body.
Enhanced Memory and Cognitive Function:
Researchers from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) have found that sedentary behavior can impair adults’ memory, linked to thinning in the medial temporal lobe, a brain area crucial for memory storage. The MG Lifting Desk serves as a valuable tool for “recharging” the brain, helping maintain focus and concentration during long working hours.
Mental Health Improvement:
Alternating between sitting and standing increases the release of hormones, such as serotonin, which boosts happiness. Using the lifting desk in a standing position acts like an emotional enhancer, effectively reducing stress and alleviating anxiety.

standing desk

For the Organization

Flexible Layout and Adaptability
The digital age demands flexible work mechanisms. The MG Lifting Desk supports various office activities like small meetings, temporary salons, and dynamic collaboration without the need for extensive setups. Its ability to adjust quickly from sitting to standing fosters faster and more convenient communication.
Increased Focus and Alertness
Standing while working requires constant awareness of one’s balance, keeping the brain alert. This heightened alertness aids in maintaining concentration and catching even the subtlest cues and gestures during interactions, making the MG Lifting Desk beneficial for collaborative thinking and brainstorming.
Promotes Movement and Creativity Among Employees
The ability to effortlessly switch between sitting and standing encourages physical movement, which stimulates mental activity. This results in a more vibrant office atmosphere, where employees are more likely to share innovative ideas, thus enhancing the creative output of the team.

office lifting desk


These features highlight the MG Lifting Desk as a functional, reliable, and thoughtful addition to any workspace. Whether you’re outfitting a corporate office or a home study, the MG Lifting Desk adapts to your needs while promoting a healthier work environment.



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