Library Desk and Chair


The MG Library Desk and Chair are designed to provide students with a comfortable and functional learning experience in school libraries. The desk features a spacious and durable tabletop made of E1 grade environmentally friendly board material, ensuring strength, durability, and a healthy indoor environment.

The desks are equipped with anti-slip foot pads for enhanced stability and floor protection. The accompanying library chair offers fabric options such as premium leatherette and cotton-linen, combined with a high-density rebound sponge for optimal comfort and support.


Library Desk and Chair

The school library is a place where students frequently visit to engage in studying, research, and expand their knowledge. In this dynamic learning environment, the importance of having comfortable library desks and chairs cannot be overstated.

A well-designed and ergonomic library desk and chair can significantly enhance the learning experience and contribute to a productive academic atmosphere. This is where MG library desks and chairs come into play, providing students with optimal comfort and functionality for their educational pursuits.

MG Library and Chair

Product Information

Product NameLibrary DeskBrand NameMG
Model Number MGS-003TypeSchool Furniture
MaterialE1 MFC board
SizeDesign according to customer requirements
Manufacturer OEM, ODMMOQ4
Supply Ability10000 Set/Sets per MonthDelivery termEXW, FOB, CIF, DDP
Payment termsT/T 50%deposit 50% BalanceLead time1 – 500 (sets)  20 days>500(sets)      negotiate

library desk

Library Desk

The MG library desk prioritizes the use of high-quality materials to create an ideal learning space for students.

Desk Top 

  1. Our library desks feature a 25mm thick tabletop made of E1 grade environmentally friendly board material. This choice of board material not only ensures excellent strength and durability but also meets environmental standards, contributing to a healthier indoor air quality.
  2. The selected board material used in MG library desks is not only thick but also waterproof, fire-resistant, and scratch-resistant. This ensures that the desks can withstand daily use, spills, and accidental damage. Additionally, the smooth surface is easy to clean, facilitating maintenance and providing a clean and hygienic study environment.

Anti-Slip Foot Pads

To enhance stability and protect the floors, our library desks are equipped with anti-slip foot pads. These foot pads provide a secure grip on the floor, preventing the desks from sliding or wobbling during use. Additionally, the foot pads are designed to minimize noise, ensuring a quiet and focused study environment.

4 choices


Library Chair

Fabric Options

  1. Premium Leatherette Fabric: One available option is the use of high-quality leatherette fabric, which offers a delicate texture and excellent wear resistance. This fabric provides a luxurious feel while ensuring long-lasting durability, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a sophisticated and resilient seating surface.
  2. Premium Cotton and Linen Fabric: The second fabric option is high-quality cotton and linen fabric, known for its skin-friendly and breathable properties. This fabric provides a comfortable and breathable seating experience, allowing students to study for extended periods without discomfort. Its soft and natural feel contributes to a cozy study environment.

farbric and leather

 High-Density Rebound Sponge

MG library chairs are designed with a high-density rebound sponge, known for its exceptional softness and comfort.

  • The sponge offers a moderate level of firmness, striking the perfect balance between support and comfort.
  • It resists sagging and maintains its shape even after prolonged use, ensuring that students can sit for extended periods without feeling fatigued.

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The Features of MG Library Desk and Chair


  • Spacious desktop: MG library desk is  designed with ample desktop space, providing students with sufficient study area. Students can freely arrange their books, laptops, and other study materials, enhancing productivity.
  • Non-constrained legroom: MG library desks ensure a comfortable experience by offering generous legroom. The design allows students to comfortably stretch their legs without feeling restricted.


  • Reinforced frame with cross beams: To enhance stability, MG library desks and chairs feature reinforced frames with cross beams. This structural design increases the load-bearing capacity, ensuring a stable and reliable workspace.
  • Thickened and strengthened steel frame: MG library desks and chairs have thickened and strengthened steel frames, providing robust support and stability. This guarantees that the furniture remains steady and intact even during prolonged usage, offering students a stable learning platform.


MG library desks and chairs prioritize environmental friendliness by utilizing eco-friendly materials. These materials comply with environmental standards, promoting a greener campus environment.

library desk

More Choices

MG library desk and chair offer a wide range of customization options, allowing customers to tailor the size and design to their specific needs. Additionally, there are four stylish desktop options available: Pure White, Stone Pattern, Black, and Wood Grain.

In addition to library use, these desks are versatile and can be utilized in various settings such as conference rooms, training rooms, and more. Their adaptability makes them an ideal choice for different environments, ensuring functionality and style across multiple spaces.

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