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“As one of the leading school furniture manufacturers since 1995, MG presents its innovative range of desks and chairs tailored for global educational settings.From single student’s desk and chair sets to double school desk and chair sets; from folding step chair and desk to collaborative desk and chair, our collection ensures every classroom can be outfitted to its optimal potential.


As one of the leading school furniture manufacturers, MG has been carving a niche since its inception in 1995, gradually emerging as a leader in the educational furniture industry.

Located in Shenyang, China, we pride ourselves on state-of-the-art production lines and a team of professional designers. Our many years of export experience have given us insight into the diverse needs of the international market, enabling us to provide products and services that satisfy customers worldwide.

With a commitment to quality and an understanding of global trends, we strive to deliver not just furniture, but also innovative solutions for educational environments.

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MG: One of The Best School Furniture Manufacturers

– The Range of Student Desks and Chairs

MG Furniture, as one of the best school furniture manufacturers, boasts an extensive range of desks and chairs tailored to educational environments. From single student’s desk and chair sets to double school desk and chair sets; from folding step chair and desk to collaborative desk and chair, our collection ensures every classroom can be outfitted to its optimal potential.

Single Student’s Desk and Chair Sets

Detailed Information 

Installation place


Product nameHigh Quality Single Middle School Desk And Chair Modern Table And Chair Classroom Set School Furniture Library Student Chair
Brand NameMG
Desk Size600*400*750mm
Chair Size370*370*440mm
Materialplywood with laminated finish

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Product Show

  1. Classic Design: Blending both traditional and modern styles, this desk offers students a focused space for study.
  2. Quality Material: The desk top uses imported eco-friendly E1 grade boards, resistant to scratches and easy to clean. The legs are made of quality steel, rust-proof and sturdy, ensuring student safety.
  3. Enhanced Storage: Each desk is equipped with a spacious drawer. Its smart partitioning is great for organizing stationery, notebooks, and textbooks, helping students maintain a tidy workspace.
  4. Ergonomic Design: With an optimal height for students of all ages, this desk minimizes stress on the neck and back. Smoothly polished edges ensure comfort during extended study periods.
  5. Eco-friendly & Safe: As dedicated school furniture manufacturers, MG ensures that all materials used are non-toxic and harmless, guaranteeing student health.
  6. Versatility: Whether it’s for public schools, private institutions, or home study rooms, the MG Premium Single Student Desk provides an exceptional learning experience for students.

Recommendation: By choosing MG, one of the leading school furniture manufacturers, you’re not just providing a sturdy and functional study space. You’re also fostering tidiness and a sense of responsibility in students. Create a better learning environment for the next generation with our quality desks.

Double School Desk and Chair Sets

Detailed Information 

Product nameSchool desk and chair for double student
Brand NameMG
Carcass materialMetal frame and melamine MDF or plywood
Material chair seat and back:Moulded board
Material of frame:Welded pipe

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Product Show

  1. Space Efficient: Designed for two, our set optimally uses classroom space while ensuring comfort between students.
  2. Teamwork Encouraged: Our duo design promotes interaction and collaboration, offering a perfect spot for team-based learning.
  3. Safety First: Rounded edges reduce risk of accidents. The non-slip desk legs add to its stability.

Rounded edges

4. Thickened multi-layer board: Thickened multi-layer board, durable and strong bearing.

multi-layer board

5. Fully Assembled for Convenience: Provide installation video and drawings.



Choose MG: As one of the leading school furniture manufacturers, MG isn’t just making furniture; we’re enhancing the educational environment. When you opt for MG’s double chair and desk set, you’re not just getting furniture from school furniture manufacturers, but tools to foster student collaboration and communication.

Folding Step Chair and Desk

Detailed Information

Product nameFolding step chair and desk
Brand NameMG
Details1. Desk top:18mm MDF with melamine board
2. Front :15mmMDF with melamine board
3. Desk Edge: high quality PVC, fastness and durable
4. Chair top: high quality plywood with fireproofing board
5. Metal: Epoxy Powder coated, antirust, dampproof
6. Board: Fireproofing, scratch-resistant, without contaminated
7. Standard size

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Product Show

This modern university classroom folding step chair has been designed specifically for academic environments to provide a comfortable and functional seating solution. Its unique folding design not only saves space, but also facilitates students to move quickly and orderly during get out of class.

  • Back: High-density board surface process fireproof board.
  • High-density: board surface process fireproof board. The book net is customized as requested.
  • Seat: Multi-layer board surface process fireproof board for seat, and gravity recovery mechanism function.
  • Leg:  High-quality Steel tube, sprayed with static powder coating after antirust treatment.

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Collaborative Desk and Chair

Detailed Information

Product nameEducational Supplies Modern University School Desk And Chair Furniture Indoor Collaborative Desk
Brand NameMG
Colour Customizable
Size 70*70*(52-107)cm

school furniture manufacturers

Product Show

Designed exclusively for modern learning environments, MG presents the Smart Classroom Modular Desk, tailored for both individual use and easy combination to meet diverse educational needs. Here’s what sets it apart:

  1. Multi-functional Design: Each desk functions independently, perfect for individual learning or tasks. Yet, they can effortlessly connect with other desks, offering ample space for team collaboration or group discussions.
  2. Sturdy Construction: Crafted from high-quality materials, its robust structure withstands the rigors of daily academic activities.
  3. Flexible Combination: The unique edge design allows the desks to be arranged in various formats like square, U-shape, and L-shape, giving educators a multitude of layout options.
  4. Easy Mobility: Equipped with caster wheels, these desks can be conveniently moved and rearranged within the classroom. A locking mechanism ensures stability during use.
  5. Space-saving: When not in use, these modular desks can be stacked, effectively saving classroom space.
  6. Modern Aesthetics: The sleek design and elegant appearance not only serve practical purposes but also add a touch of modernity to any classroom setting.

As one of the leading school furniture manufacturers, MG prides itself on delivering innovative solutions for today’s classrooms. If you’re seeking the best in class and versatility, MG stands out among school furniture manufacturers, making our Smart Classroom Modular Desks the ideal choice for educators and students seeking a flexible, efficient, and comfortable learning environment.


The Reason of Choosing Us as Your School Furniture Manufacturers

  1. Rich Experience: With years of expertise in manufacturing and exporting, we deeply understand the demands and standards of diverse markets, making us stand out among school furniture manufacturers.
  2. Top-Quality Assurance: We utilize only the finest materials for our furniture. Each product undergoes rigorous quality checks, ensuring durability and comfort.
  3. Innovative Designs: Our design team continually innovates, producing furniture that is both functional and modern to cater to contemporary educational settings.
  4. Customization Services: We offer tailored solutions, manufacturing furniture based on specific client requirements and budget constraints.
  5. Competitive Pricing: Being both a manufacturer and exporter, we provide some of the most competitive prices in the industry, ensuring cost savings for our clients.

Opting for MG means partnering with one of the leading school furniture manufacturers that’s professional, reliable, and efficient.


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