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The MG CEO Table is a premium executive desk designed with leadership in mind, featuring innovative storage solutions, a spacious work surface, and a modern aesthetic.

Customizable with options for left or right side cabinets and available in many elegant colors, this desk is equipped with dual cable management, a movable CPU holder, and a modesty panel for privacy, making it the perfect fusion of function and style for the discerning executive.


The MG CEO Table is more than just a piece of furniture; it’s the center of the executive office. It’s where strategies are formulated, decisions are made, and leadership is exemplified. At MG, we’re not just selling a desk; we’re offering a foundation for the future success of your company’s leaders.

MG CEO Table

Product Information

Product NameCEO Table Brand NameMG
Model NumberMGC-009TypeOffice Furniture
Application Office, School, Call Center AppearanceModern
Place of OriginLiaoning, China Mail packingN
MOQ1PCSSupply Ability 1000 Piece/Pieces per Month
Trade termFOB EXW CIFPayment termsT/T
CertificateISO9001/ISO14001ServiceOEM ODM
Warranty 3 YearsLead time (days)1-50 15days   >50  To be negotiated
Selling UnitsPiece/PiecesPackage Type1. Knock-down package
2. EPE foam wrapping each part with crashproof thickened foam
3. Five corrugated paper box
4. Wooden frame if necessary

The Advantages of CEO Table

Innovative Storage Features

1. Double-Door Storage Cabinet
The MG CEO Table features a spacious double-door storage cabinet, allowing executives to store important documents, office supplies, and personal items out of sight. This feature helps maintain a clean and organized office environment, essential for productivity and a professional appearance.

2. Open Storage: 40cm Wide Side Cabinet
To increase the table’s storage area, a 40cm widened side cabinet has been incorporated. This open storage solution offers easy access to frequently used items, keeping them within arm’s reach while preserving the table’s expansive work surface for core tasks.

3. Lockable Fashionable Dual Drawers
Security and organization are paramount in any executive’s office. The MG CEO Table comes equipped with stylish dual drawers that feature locks, allowing for secure and categorized storage of sensitive documents. This design not only protects against dust and theft but also ensures that your workspace remains clutter-free.

Superior Desktop Design

1. 80cm Wide Desktop
The MG CEO Table boasts a generous 80cm wide desktop, providing ample space for a well-ordered work area. Whether you’re hosting meetings, reviewing large documents, or juggling multiple projects, this expansive surface offers the flexibility needed to manage your executive duties effectively.

2. 5cm Thick Desktop
Durability meets health-conscious and eco-friendly design with the MG CEO Table’s 5cm thick desktop. This robust construction ensures excellent load-bearing capability, making it a durable and sustainable choice for the discerning executive.

The table’s longevity and performance are a testament to MG’s commitment to quality and environmental responsibility, positioning the MG CEO Table as a superior choice in the executive furniture market.

Why Choose MG CEO Table?

Various Options

1. Selectable Side Cabinets
Understanding that every executive has a unique working style, the MG CEO Table allows you to choose between left or right side cabinets. This option caters to individual preferences and office layouts, ensuring that your essential items are stored conveniently at your side.

A Spectrum of Style Choices
2. Six Color Styles
The MG CEO Table is available in six elegant colors, providing a range of stylistic choices to match your office decor. Whether you prefer classic hues or bold statements, these options ensure that your desk doesn’t just stand out for its functionality but also for its contribution to the office’s overall aesthetic.

Additional Features

1. Dual Cable Management Holes
With technology being central to modern business, the MG CEO Table includes pre-set dual cable management holes to keep wires neatly organized and out of sight. This feature helps maintain a streamlined look while ensuring easy access to power and connectivity.

2. Movable CPU Holder
The table comes with a movable CPU holder, accommodating the central unit of your computer system. This not only helps in keeping your CPU in a safe and ventilated space but also allows for easy movement when necessary.

3. User-Friendly Modesty Panel
Privacy is key in any workspace, and the MG CEO Table features a thoughtfully designed modesty panel. This addition is not only about discretion but also adds a touch of class to the desk while preventing any potentially awkward situations during meetings or daily work.


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