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As a premier cabinet manufacturer, MG presents the Wood Filing Cabinet (Model: MGD-1023-1459) – a fusion of modern design and practicality.

Ideal for contemporary commercial offices, this piece boasts easy accessibility, visual transparency, and space-saving features, all while exuding a stylish flair.

Crafted meticulously with the best materials and backed by MG’s years of industry expertise, it’s not just a cabinet – it’s a testament to excellence in office furniture. Experience the MG difference today.


MG cabinet manufacturer knows that the office has changed a lot over the years. Today, we need things that are both useful and look good. Open file cabinets have become a big hit because they work well and fit the modern style of workspaces.

That’s why MG has come up with the open file cabinet, offering a fresh way to store and show your work stuff.

The open file cabinet is made to fit right into the busy and ever-changing office life. It’s simple but smart, making it easy to get to your files and making your office look great.

This open file cabinet isn’t just about storing files. It’s about keeping your work area clear and making sure you can find everything fast.

MG Furniture Manufacturer: Introduce the Open File Cabinet for You

At MG Manufacturer, we pride ourselves on our innovative office furniture designs that cater to the evolving needs of modern workplaces. One of our standout products is the open-style filing cabinet, which we’ll delve into today.

1. What is an Open-Style Filing Cabinet?

An open-style filing cabinet is a type of storage unit devoid of doors or enclosures. It can make files and documents visible and accessible.

2. Key Features of Open-Style Filing Cabinet

  • Easy Accessibility: Firstly, quickly retrieve or place documents without the hindrance of doors.
  • Visual Openness: Secondly, instantly see the contents, aiding in swift decision-making and organization.
  • Flexibility: Thirdly, adapt to various office layouts and storage needs with ease.

3. A Call to Action:
To all renovation contractors, office supply companies, office furniture wholesalers, agents, and distributors:

MG Manufacturer invites you to elevate your offerings and meet the demands of contemporary workspaces with our open-style filing cabinet.

Choose quality. Choose innovation. Choose MG Furniture Manufacturer and Factory

cabinet manufacturer


The High Quantity File Cabinet  of MG Manufacturer

Product Information

Product Attributes

Product NameWood Filing CabinetBrand NameMG
Model NumberMGD-1023-1459TypeOffice Furniture
ApplicationCommercial Office FurnitureAppearanceModern
Place of Origin Liaoning, ChinaMail packingN

Supply Ability & Additional Information

MOQ1PCSSupply Ability1000 Piece/Pieces per Month
Trade termFOB EXW CIFPayment termsT/T
CertificateISO9001/ISO14001ServiceOEM ODM
Warranty 3 YearsLead time (days)1-100 15days ; 101-500 30days;   >500  To be negotiated

Packaging & Delivery

Selling Units:Piece/PiecesPackage Type:1. Knock-down package
2. EPE foam wrapping each part with crashproof thicken foam
3. Five corrugated paper box
4. Wooden frame if necessary


Product Advantages

Quick Access

  • The file cabinet has no doors or obstructions. Therefore, employees can swiftly retrieve or deposit documents, enhancing their productivity.
  • MG Manufacturer understands the importance of time in today’s fast-paced work environment and designs cabinets with this essential feature in mind.

Visual Transparency

  • Users can immediately see the contents of the cabinet, making it convenient for rapid searching and decision-making.


  • Typically, the design of an open-style filing cabinet from MG Manufacturer is compact, ensuring it’s suitable for offices of all sizes.
  • Every inch counts in today’s workspaces, and our cabinets are crafted to maximize space utility.

cabinet manufacturer


  • Adjust or move the cabinet effortlessly according to the office layout and storage demands.
  • Whether expanding or downsizing, our cabinets are adaptable to your needs.

Good Ventilation

The open design promotes air circulation, protecting files and documents from potential moisture damage.

Modern Design

  • Our open-style filing cabinets showcase a contemporary and stylish design, adding a touch of elegance to any office setting.
  • As a leading manufacturer, we prioritize both functionality and aesthetics.

Easy Maintenance

  • Without intricate locks or door structures, these cabinets are simple to clean and maintain.
  • MG Manufacturer believes in creating products that not only serve their purpose but are also hassle-free when it comes to upkeep.

Why Choose MG Manufacturer as Your Cabinet Supplier?

In the global marketplace, China’s prowess in furniture manufacturing is evident. With an increasing number of international purchasers considering Chinese furniture, choosing the right supplier becomes paramount. Among these, MG Furniture stands out as a preferred choice for many when it comes to file cabinets, and here’s why:

Commitment to Quality: MG manufacturer prioritizes top-notch quality, sourcing only the finest materials and rigorously monitoring each stage to ensure the excellence of office file cabinet.

Diverse Range and Customization: MG boasts a plethora of designs, spanning from traditional to contemporary. Furthermore, they cater to bespoke requirements upon request.

Established Reputation and Reliability: With a longstanding presence in the industry, MG has garnered the trust of both seasoned and new clientele.

Effective Communication: Understanding the importance of clear interactions, MG’s sales team is proficient in English and responds promptly to inquiries.

Efficient Logistics: From production to dispatch, MG’s processes are streamlined to ensure timely and accurate deliveries.

Eco-Conscious and Compliant: MG distinguishes itself as an eco-friendly manufacturer, producing office file cabinets that are not only sustainable but also user-safe.

Secure Transactions: MG offers a variety of payment options and is always open to discussing transaction particulars, ensuring mutual trust and safety.


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