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Transform your living space with the innovative MG Wall Bed with Sofa—a versatile and stylish piece that epitomizes modern living. Ideal for homes, apartments, or hotels, this multifunctional furniture seamlessly integrates a comfortable bed and a chic sofa, saving space without compromising on design or comfort. Offered by the renowned brand MG, each unit is customizable in size and color, catering to your personal style and space requirements.  The MG Wall Bed with Sofa boasts a smooth operation, balanced support, and high-grade materials, ensuring both functionality and durability. Whether you opt for the Bookshelf Wall Bed with a built-in desk or the Wardrobe Wall Bed with clever storage solutions, this furniture piece is an investment in maximizing your space and enhancing your lifestyle.


In today’s fast-paced world, the efficiency of space utilization in a home or apartment is more important than ever. MG’s wall bed with sofa does not waste every inch of space in your home and is a bed that can be used for a long time.This multifunctional piece is not only a stylish addition to any room but also a smart space-saving solution for those who want to make the most out of their living areas.

MG Wall Bed with Sofa

Product Information

Product NameWall Bed With Sofa Brand NameMG
Model NumberMGH-006TypeHome Furniture
ApplicationHotel, Home, Apartment AppearanceModern
Place of OriginLiaoning, China Mail packingN
SizeCustomized (King or Queen)ColorOption
MOQ1PCSSupply Ability 1000 Piece/Pieces per Month
Trade termFOB EXW CIFPayment termsT/T
CertificateISO9001/ISO14001ServiceOEM ODM
Warranty 5 YearsLead time (days)1-50 15days   >50  To be negotiated
Selling UnitsPiece/PiecesPackage Type1. Knock-down package
2. EPE foam wrapping each part with crashproof thickened foam
3. Five corrugated paper box
4. Wooden frame if necessary

wall bed with sofa

Two Styles

The Bookshelf Wall Bed

Our bookshelf wall bed with sofa is the quintessential choice for avid readers and work-from-home professionals. This model intricately blends a wall bed with a comprehensive bookshelf system and a functional computer desk area, creating a multifaceted unit that maximizes space without sacrificing utility or style.

  • The shelving system offers ample space for a generous collection of books, decorative items, and personal treasures. Customizable shelf heights accommodate everything from novels to large art books, ensuring that your most cherished reads are always within arm’s reach.
  • Integrated seamlessly into the unit is a sturdy and spacious computer desk. This ergonomic workspace is ideal for tackling daily tasks, engaging in creative endeavors, or managing remote work demands, all while providing the convenience of a bedroom and studying in one.

Bookshelf Wall Bed

The Wardrobe Wall Bed
For those who value a well-organized wardrobe and the convenience of smart storage, the Wardrobe Wall Bed model is a perfect fit. This design incorporates a wall bed with a wardrobe system that includes small cubbies, drawers, and specialized hanging solutions.

  • Our Wardrobe Wall Bed is equipped with small storage cubbies and smooth-gliding drawers, designed to neatly store and organize your clothing, accessories, and everyday essentials. The compartments are thoughtfully arranged to ensure that items are easily accessible and well preserved.
  • To further enhance the functionality, this model features a hanging system with trouser clamps and other clothing-care accessories. The intelligent design allows for wrinkle-free storage of pants, skirts, and other garments, ensuring that your attire is ready to wear for any occasion.

Wardrobe Wall Bed


Explore MG Wall Bed with Sofa

Product Advantages

We have integrated a series of robust features into our wall bed designs, ensuring that every fold and unfold is smooth, secure, and enduring. Here’s how we’ve built strength into the very core of our wall beds

Stainless Steel Casting Ears for Solid Flip Movement
The heart of the MG wall bed’s strength lies in its one-piece stainless steel casting ears. This critical connection point between the bed frame and the wall unit has been engineered for enhanced load-bearing capacity and structural integrity. The casting ears ensure a solid and stable flip movement every time, giving you confidence in the bed’s performance.

L-Shaped Linkage Balance Legs for Firm Support
Our innovative L-shaped linkage balance legs are a testament to our commitment to stability. The internal pivot design of the bed frame allows the legs to maintain constant contact with the floor during the unfolding process. This ensures that items on the bookshelf remain undisturbed, and the wall bed with sofa descends smoothly and lands firmly for immediate use.

8cm Thick, Heavy-Duty Bed Frame for Enhanced Load Capacity
When it comes to weight capacity, the MG wall bed stands out with its robust 8cm square tubular steel frame, with a substantial wall thickness of 1.6cm. This formidable structure is capable of supporting up to 350kg, offering visible sturdiness that contributes to the quality of your sleep. We’ve built a frame that’s not just strong but also reassuringly dependable.

High-Performance Panel Materials for a Superior Lifespan
MG wall beds feature panel materials that excel in load-bearing capacity, resisting deformation over time. These high-quality panels are designed to withstand high temperatures, resist scratches and abrasions, and are easy to clean and maintain. Long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing, our wall beds promise a lasting addition to your home, combining practicality with a touch of elegance.

wall bed with sofa


Product Details

High-Grade Aluminum Alloy Handles
The handles on our wall bed with sofa are crafted from premium aluminum alloy, chosen for its superior properties. These handles are designed not just for their sleek look but for their enduring quality—they are resistant to discoloration and can withstand the rigors of daily use without losing their luster.

Balanced Buffer System for Equilibrium
Safety and smooth operation are paramount in the design of our wall beds. That’s why we’ve incorporated a balanced buffer system that maintains the equilibrium between the cabinet and the bed frame. This system ensures a controlled and even descent of the bed, preventing any jarring movements, and contributes to the longevity of the mechanism by reducing strain on the components.

Provision for Skirting Board Cut-Outs
Understanding that every home is unique, our wall beds are designed with the foresight to accommodate skirting boards. This feature allows the wall bed with sofa to sit flush against the wall, ensuring a seamless look and integration into your existing space. The provision for skirting board cut-outs means no detail is too small in achieving a perfect fit and finish.



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