Training Table


Training Table

This training  table is the perfect representation of modern simplicity. It is easy to set up and move around because the casters can be locked and moved. This table measures 1200*400*750mm/1400*500*750mm,with plenty of space for taking meeting notes, doing arts and crafts, and more. You can also  adjust it to any angle and can be stacked to save space.


This training table is the perfect representation of modern simplicity. It is easy to set up and move around because the casters can be locked and moved. This table measures 1200*400*750mm/1400*500*750mm, with plenty of space for taking meeting notes, doing arts and crafts, and more. You can also adjust it to any angle and can be stacked to save space.

Training Table Details

Product Name

Hot Sell Folding Table Conference Training Foldable Tables

StyleConference table
TextureWoodPlace of originLiaonig Province,China


After  sale service3-5  year under proper usage


Multidimensional Workspaces, Intelligent Choices

Various Combination

Above all, our Folding Office Desk Series allows you to take charge of your workspace’s layout like never before. Certainly, the choice is yours, and the configurations are limitless. Imagine the possibilities:

  1. a classic standalone desk for focused work
  2. a round table arrangement for brainstorming sessions
  3. a practical square desk for team meetings
  4.  an innovative triangular table for unconventional discussions

training table


Easy to Arrange and Reconfigure

Switching between different combinations is simple, because you have  our intelligent folding and locking system.

  1. With a simple adjustment, markedly, you can seamlessly transform a cluster of standalone desks into a round table that fosters communication and idea-sharing.
  2. Likewise, assembling desks into square or triangular formations becomes a hassle-free task, providing more convenience for you.
  3. From short rows and long rows to two-table pods and four-table squares, groups of Flip tables make it simple for you to customize a collaborative space in order to suit your specific needs

training table


round table

Save Space, Improve Efficiency

Folding Training Table

Office space is a valuable commodity, and our folding office desks provide the solution.

  • When your workspace demands versatility, the folding feature of our office desks swiftly adapts to your needs.
  • And when not in use, a simple fold-up maximizes the release of space. Flip tables can fit neatly in a straight line Whether you’re in a compact office or a sprawling corporate setting, our folding office desks infuse your workspace with renewed vitality and efficiency.


  • Rotary switches are set on both sides of the table, any side can be folded with just a slight twist.
  • Levers on either side of the table to quickly turn the durable laminate tabletop from flat to upright for easier storage when not in use.


Free  Movement Training Table

Moveable Design

Create the workspace that works best for you by moving the desk to where you want it, anytime, anywhere. Whether working alone or in a team, our wheeled mobile desks always offer you a flexible solution. The desk easily moves the desk in order to meet your needs and improve the efficiency of work .


Whether you need a flexible collaboration space or frequently move your workstation, our wheeled mobile desks will be your right-hand man at work

  • It adopts nylon casters and is equipped with a solid brake device, providing you with dual options for moving and locking, making your working environment both safer and more stable.
  • Another key point, enjoy distraction-free peace no matter where you move your desk. Silent casters are designed to reduce friction and noise, making your workspace quieter so you can focus on your work and perform at your best.

training table


Quality Material, Strong and durable

Environmentally Friendly Board

Above all, the table desk adapts environmentally friendly board.

  • Environmentally friendly panels are not only friendly to the environment, but also beneficial to your health.
  • Our environmentally friendly board desks use low-volatility environmentally friendly glue, obviously, which reduces the release of harmful gases and creates a fresher indoor environment for you.
  • In this eco-friendly office environment, you can also focus on your work and unleash your creativity without restraint.
  • We use exquisite craftsmanship to turn each piece of environmentally friendly board into an both elegant and stable desk.
  • Both the durable material and smooth surface provide stable support for your work, giving equal importance to quality and environmental protection.

Sturdy Enough

  • The strong desk collection stands out for its high-quality materials and craftsmanship.
  • Both the tabletop and the supporting structure have been carefully selected to ensure that they will not wear out over the years.
  • The high abrasion and scratch resistant finish keeps the desk looking great through everyday use, also bringing lasting value to your work environment.

training table

Other Features

Storage Rack

Portable storage rack with a two-tier storage rack, certainly, which can be used to store books, handbags and other items. Obviously, it is convenient for you to take things and save space on your desktop.

Powered coated

Features a powder coated, heavy gauge offset dual leg design for  durability


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