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Office partition is a movable partition made of plastic or sheet alloy used to divide office areas. Usually, it is used to separate different office areas. Our office screens also have sound insulation materials. Therefore, they can better block the noise in the office and bring users a better office experience.


Affordable Office Privacy Solutions

Why do we need the office partition?

With the prevalence of offices of all sizes, people tend to work indoors more and more. However, in an open office without any barriers, people’s personal work space has become very public. Without a private office area, people would feel awkward when working. They always need to pay attention to their own privacy and space, or the privacy and space of others. So the office partition appeared.

The emergence of the office partition has enabled people to solve the problem of office partitions in a better and more economical way. We offer a wide range of the partition for office, office workstation privacy screens, and portable office walls that can integrate with any environment.

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Description of the office partition

Product Name2024 New Modern Office PartitionBrand NameMG
UsageCommercial space, office space, hotel space, school spaceMaterial Acoustic Material/Aluminum Sheet Metal/Plastic
Warranty3 YearsFeatureFoldable
Lead time (days)25ColorCustomized
Supply Ability5000 Piece/Pieces per Month


Main raw materials

Sheet metal processing is mainly based on metal materials. The materials commonly used in sheet metal processing are:

1. Galvanized steel sheet SECC

The base material of SECC is a general cold-rolled steel coil. After degreasing, pickling, electroplating and various post-processing processes in the continuous electrogalvanizing production line, it becomes an electrogalvanized product.

SECC not only has the mechanical properties and similar processability of general cold-rolled steel sheets, but also has superior corrosion resistance and decorative appearance. It has great competitiveness and substitutability in the market of electronic products, home appliances and furniture. For example, SECC is commonly used in computer cases.

2. Ordinary cold-rolled sheet SPCC

SPCC refers to steel ingots that are continuously rolled into steel coils or sheets of required thickness by cold rolling mills. The surface of SPCC has no protection and is easily oxidized when exposed to the air. Especially in a humid environment, the oxidation rate is accelerated, and dark red rust appears. When in use, the surface must be sprayed with paint, electroplated or otherwise protected.

officepartitionwith wheels

⒊ Hot-dip galvanized steel sheet SGCC

Hot-dip galvanized steel coil refers to the semi-finished product after hot-rolled pickling or cold-rolled, which is washed, annealed, immersed in a molten zinc bath at a temperature of about 460°C, and the steel sheet is coated with a zinc layer, and then tempered, leveled and chemically treated. SGCC material is harder than SECC material, has poor ductility (avoid deep drawing design), thicker zinc layer, and poor electric weldability.

4. Stainless steel SUS304

One of the most widely used stainless steels, because it contains Ni (nickel), it is more corrosion-resistant and heat-resistant than steel containing Cr (chromium), has very good mechanical properties, no heat treatment hardening phenomenon, and no elasticity.

5. Stainless steel SUS301

The Cr (chromium) content is lower than SUS304, and the corrosion resistance is poor, but after cold processing, it can obtain good tensile force and hardness in stamping processing, and has good elasticity. It is mostly used for springs and EMI protection.


Divide office space with office partition

What is the office partition?

Office partition is a movable partition made of plastic or sheet alloy used to divide office areas. Usually, it is used to separate different office areas. Our office screens also have sound insulation materials. Therefore, they can better block the noise in the office and bring users a better office experience.

Our office partition also provides customized services. The office partition can be made of sheet metal with or without glass. The office screen with glass can make the office less dull and more lively. The office screen without glass has better privacy and better sound insulation. In addition, we will also make office partitiobns with different materials and designs according to the different needs of customers and their different offices.

divider partition

What is the office partition’s benefit?

Office partition, also known as office screens, office partitions or partition screens, are an inexpensive way to give employees privacy. They are cheaper and more flexible than office walls. Office partitions can be easily moved as needed.

  • DIY partition
  • Elegant Work Station Privacy
  • Divide office space
  • Extra large room divider

office partition

Create office partition exactly the way you want, quickly, affordably, and in style! Our MG office partition system requires no tools to set up – simply slide the panels and posts into place on individual office workstation spaces. Easily create instant workstations in a fraction of the time (and at a fraction of the cost) of other systems.

Add more panels as your business grows! These office partitions are perfect for creating your own cubicle layout.

Our workstation screens are the perfect way to divide up your office space. Enclose new or existing workstation dividers by lining up these 1-, 2-, or 3-panel configurations. Our sound-absorbing fabric is available in a variety of colors, while the attractive clear polycarbonate windows provide visibility. Standalone desks are affordable with these great-looking office privacy screens. Easily create conference room dividers anywhere by easily snapping them together.

Need to divide an area with high ceilings? Looking to replace outdated accordion doors or track-mounted office partition? Our Operable Wall (Sliding) and Operable Wall (Folding) can reach heights up to 12 feet! These oversized office dividers will provide privacy while reducing sound. The 2-inch thick panels are strong and durable, making them ideal for acoustic control.

Place our durable and stylish MG Office Partition between desks or workstations to provide instant privacy. The 2-inch thick acoustic panels provide sound insulation while the privacy windows let in light. Our MG Office Screens are also rolling office screen but with a built-in magnetic dry erase board. These portable dividers make perfect office dividers or whiteboards!

Eight characteristics of office partition

Office partition is the main office mode in today’s office spaces. They are composed of screens, table panels, tripods and office cabinets. The office partition is divided from the ground into multiple independent office spaces, which are obviously different from the screens and desks on the table.

They are more suitable for use in large office areas. Communications, networks, high-tech, banks and other units mainly purchase screen slots. The characteristics of office screen is summarized for you.

  • More than 90% of office partition is made of aluminum alloy as the frame, which is durable, wear-resistant and beautiful
  • The panels of the office partition generally have linen velvet boards, wooden boards, glass, etc. There are many choices in color, which are coordinated with the overall office environment
  • The office partition has many specifications and rich colors to meet the actual needs of customers
  • Reduce mutual interference at work, so that employees have their own relatively independent work and private space
  • The office screen can be combined with various styles and specifications of countertops
  • The office screen can be assembled in various shapes: T, L, I, W, wavy, etc. It can be assembled into various shapes according to space and work needs to match the design style and image of the company

e1 board

How to choose the office partition?

In today’s offices, office partition is widely used. Office partition is simple, convenient and practical. They are suitable for both large and small companies. They not only save space but also have more choices in office screen colors and matching cabinets, computer hosts and chairs, which also conform to the aesthetics of young people. At the same time, it also creates a relatively quiet working environment.

There are many types of office screen, including open screens and semi-secret screens. This should be selected according to the spatial characteristics of the office environment and the needs of management culture.

Modern office screen is made of aluminum alloy as frames, and the panel materials are mostly glass and melamine boards. When purchasing an office screen, you can touch it with your hands and try to shake it to see if it is strong and stable!

Of course, it is recommended to bring a floor plan when purchasing a screen, and have a clear understanding of the required products and sizes. The height of the office partition can be selected according to the height of the space and the environment.

Relatively high office screen is used to separate relatively large spaces, and relatively low office screen is used to separate relatively small spaces. If a relatively high office partition is used in a small workspace, it will feel depressing.

It is recommended to choose a lower office partition height, which will help people broaden their horizons and minds. A good office environment will also play a big role in work efficiency.


Craftsmanship Of the office partition

What efforts have we made to make our company’s product – office partition better? Meizhige Furniture Factory uses the most advanced equipment, technology and the most stringent standards. We strictly control the quality of every product we produce and the user experience.
Our MG office screen divides the room space while soundproofing. The soft, thick panels use foam core material to greatly reduce the sound in offices, studios, stages and other places. The elegant office partition is perfect as a background for a podium or to minimize office noise. The office screen is easy to fold for quick storage.

If you are interested in it, please contact us!




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