Metal Folding Bed


Metal Folding Bed

Make the most out of your limited office and living space with the metal folding bed. The bed is designed with a lightweight metal frame that can be easily folded and stored away in compact spaces. It features four rolling wheels for easy mobility, making it effortless to move from one room to another.


A New Solution for a Better Office Nap

Metal Folding Bed

In today’s busy offices, taking a short nap during the day can make a world of difference in how you feel and perform. But let’s be real – with our hectic schedules, finding a comfortable spot for a nap can be a real challenge.

  • Have you ever rushed through lunch at your desk, missing out on a chance to recharge?
  • Have you tried to nap on an uncomfortable chair or stiff office desk, only to end up more restless than rested?

These are common issues when it comes to office naps.

Taking a quick nap not only boosts your alertness but also sparks creativity. But finding the right nap spot at work can be tough.


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Long-Term Comfort

High Quantity Material

Breathable Fabric

The mental folding bed features a thick and durable cotton.

  1. The breathable fabric allows air to circulate, keeping you feeling fresh and cool during your rest breaks. Say goodbye to stuffiness and discomfort.
  2. The cotton and linen fabric of the folding bed is highly durable. It not only withstands everyday wear and tear but also is easy to clean. Significantly,it can ensure that your workspace always looks clean and professional.
  3. Thanks to the zipper design, our product can be easily disassembled for thorough cleaning. This ensures that you can maintain a clean and fresh sleeping environment.


High-Density Sponge

With its high resilience and pressure dispersion capabilities, the foam evenly distributes your body weight. This means that you’ll experience reduced pressure on key areas, ensuring a relaxed and comfortable experience throughout your break.

What’s more, The sponge of the metal folding bed maintains its shape and comfort over time, guaranteeing a consistent and comfortable resting experience.


Wood Support

The mental folding bed adapts a  combination of high-density foam and wooden support, creating an optimal blend of comfort and spinal support.

The combination of high-density foam and wooden support works in tandem to alleviate pressure on your lower back and lumbar region.

This design is carefully engineered to promote spinal health, making your resting experience not only comfortable but also beneficial for your well-being.

Wood Support

Suitable Design

Proper Posture

The design promotes proper posture, ensuring that when you use our product, you maintain a healthy and comfortable position. Whether you’re supine or side-sleeping, your body will be well-supported, reducing the risk of discomfort or strain during prolonged use.

  • Relaxing Supine Support:

Our product is expertly engineered to provide effortless support for users while lying on their backs.

It ensures that the natural curvature of the spine is maintained, allowing for a relaxed and comfortable supine position during rest.

Proper Posture

  • Comprehensive Side-Sleeping Support:

For those who prefer side sleeping, our product offers full-body support. It cradles your body, providing gentle support from head to toe, ensuring that your spine remains aligned even in a lateral position.

Even Weight Distribution

  • Reduce Pressure

Our metal folding bed is engineered to ensure even weight distribution across its surface, providing consistent and balanced support. This design minimizes pressure points and offers comprehensive support to every part of your body.

  • Lumbar Support and Spinal Care

The bed is designed to provide proper lumbar support, which is essential for maintaining a healthy spine. It’s a key factor in ensuring a comfortable and ergonomic sleeping or resting experience.

  • Promoting Comfortable Sleep

With the even weight distribution and dedicated lumbar support, the folding bed creates an environment where you can comfortably fall asleep. It offers the assurance that your spine is well-cared for, allowing you to drift into a restful slumber with

Even Weight Distribution




Ease of Use

Convenient Rolling Wheels

The metal folding bed is designed with eight convenient rolling wheels. This makes it easy to move around in your office.

You can simply slide it from one area to another, whether it’s between different corners of the office or from one meeting room to another. It can make your life easier.

.Convenient Rolling Wheels


Easy Folding

Folding our metal folding bed is effortless and simple. With just a few simple steps, it becomes a comfortable bed in no time. There’s no complex assembly involved, and you won’t need to worry about any complicated instructions.

  • Folded State: After folding, it measures just 38cm in thickness and 67cm in height. This compact size means it can easily fit in tight corners and small spaces, making it a perfect addition to your office

Easy Folding

  • Half-Unfolded State: The metal folding bed is equipped with 8 swivel wheels. Even in the half-unfolded state, moving it is effortless. It’s so easy that even a lady can effortlessly set it up and move it around.

Half-Unfolded State

  • Fully Extended State: In the fully extended state, you get a spacious 90cm-wide bed surface. This generous width allows you to move freely, turn, and stretch without feeling confined.

Fully Extended State

Quick Storage

When it comes to storing the bed, it’s an easy thing. After folding, it becomes incredibly compact with a thickness of just 38cm and a height of 67cm.

You can store it away effortlessly in various places around your office, like under your desk, in a closet, or in a corner. It’s a space-saving solution that’s always ready when you need it.

Quick Storage


More Choices and Applications

Size Choices

Variety of Widths

We understand that individual preferences and office spaces can vary. The metal folding bed is available in three convenient width options: 600mm, 800mm, and 1000mm.

This variety ensures that you can select the size that best suits your workspace and personal comfort requirements.

Unfold SizeMerge Size
Size1L=1900mm w=600mm H=235/359mmL=460mm w=600mm H=566mm
Size2L=1900mm w=800mm H=235/359mmL=460mm w=800mm H=566mm
Size2L=1900mm w=1000mm H=235/359mmL=460mm w=1000mm H=566mm

Customizable to Fit Your Needs

Whether you prefer a more compact layout or desire extra space for rest, our size options provide the flexibility to cater to your unique needs. It’s all about delivering a personalized and comfortable experience that aligns perfectly with your office setup.

metal folding bed metal folding bed

Space Optimization

Regardless of the width you choose, our product is designed with space optimization in mind. It allows you to make the most of your available floor space while ensuring that you or your colleagues can rest and recharge in comfort.

Style Choices

Versatile Backrest Design

The mental folding bed offers a variety of styles to cater to different needs and preferences. The backrest option provides the flexibility to find a comfortable angle for activities such as reading or taking a short nap. You can easily adjust it to suit your current state, ensuring optimal comfort and relaxation.

Versatile Backrest Design

Flat Layout for Neck and Shoulder Support

For those who prefer to sleep flat, our flat-layout option provides extra support for the neck and shoulder areas. It’s specifically designed to provide optimal comfort for those who are accustomed to sleeping in a horizontal position, promoting a sense of relaxation and allowing you to enjoy a high-quality sleep experience.

Flat Layout for Neck and Shoulder Support

Customized Comfort

Our range of styles allows you to customize your resting experience. Whether you need a supportive backrest or prefer a flat sleeping surface, our product offers versatility that aligns with your individual comfort requirements.


Our folding bed is incredibly versatile, making it suitable for a wide range of settings. Whether you’re in the office, a hospital, a school, or at home hosting unexpected guests, this versatile piece of furniture seamlessly adapts to your needs

Office Solution

In an office environment, it serves as an efficient solution for creating additional seating or providing a comfortable space for employees to rest and recharge during breaks.

metal folding bed

Healthcare Applications

Hospitals can benefit from the versatility of our product by providing a comfortable place for patients’ visitors to rest. It’s also ideal for accommodating overnight stays in medical settings.

Educational Institutions

Schools can utilize our folding bed to create flexible spaces for various purposes, such as student lounges or temporary sleeping arrangements for students during extended study sessions.

metal folding bed

Home Hospitality

At home, our folding bed becomes a valuable asset when unexpected guests arrive. It offers a convenient and comfortable sleeping option without the need for a dedicated guest room.


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