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Black Leather Sectional Sofa for Office

This black leather office sofa consists of a 1-seater sofa and a 3-seater sofa. It perfectly combines modern design and high-quality materials. Each sofa is made of high-quality black leather, showing a both noble and elegant temperament.

Its simple lines and exquisite workmanship demonstrate both fashion and taste. what’s more, the seat cushion and backrest are made of high-density foam, providing you with ultimate comfort. Make your office more both charmful and fashionable.


This black leather office sofa consists of a 1-seater sofa and a 3-seater sofa. It perfectly combines modern design and high-quality materials. Each sofa is made of high-quality black leather, showing a both noble and elegant temperament.

Its simple lines and exquisite workmanship demonstrate both fashion and taste. what’s more, the seat cushion and backrest are made of high-density foam, providing you with ultimate comfort. Make your office more both charming and fashionable.

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Leather Office Sofa Details


Synthetic Leather

40 density high elastic sponge



Design according to customer requirements

Payment TermsT\T 30% deposit and balance before delivery Or L/C at sight
Advantage1. Experienced technical staff
2. Experienced R& D department
3. Strong production capability
4. Large scale production lines
5. Customized orders accepted
6. Good reputation
7. Easy assembly
8. Always supply the best service to solve customer’s problem

Elegant Appearance

Noble Color

  1. Black is a both classic and noble color.
  • The black leather sectional sofa is not only just a piece of office furniture but also it is a symbol of your company. It combines modern fashion with a classic atmosphere to create an elegant and comfortable office environment for you.
  • Whether enjoying a moment of tranquility alone or receiving clients, this sectional sofa will bring you the best feeling.

2. Black is a very versatile color.

Obviously, black is a very versatile color that blends well with many decorating styles.

Whether it is modern simplicity or retro nostalgia, the black leather sofa can be easily adapted, adding a sense of luxury and fashion to different styles of homes.

Fashionable Appearance

The design style of the black leather sofa is simple,  fashionable and owns a lot of details. The smooth lines and simple shape make the whole sofa present a clean and neat aesthetic feeling.

This simple design not only highlights the modern sense of fashion but also makes the space more spacious and tidy.

Exquisite Details 

The black leather has a lot of exquisite details. In every detail of the black leather sofa, you can also  feel the manufacturer’s care.

The processing of stitches, the shape of the armrests, and the use of metal decorations all show exquisite craftsmanship. These details not only increase the beauty of the sofa but also make the whole office space more refined and elegant.

office sofa


Durable Material

Selecting the best sofas for your office is a much different experience than for a home. Since most offices are often visited by guests, sofas are more frequently used. durability is always a big concern.

Melamine board

  • The wood is strong and has a hard toughness strength and wear resistance.
  • The wood has no special smell, in line with national protection standards, and is environmentally friendly and healthy.
  • The material is hard, the structure is stable, the strength is high, and the toughness is full so the sofa is long lasting.


Synthetic Leather

High-quality faux leather not only looks great, it’s also durable.

  • The material it is made of has a strong anti-wear ability, which can also  resist the wear and friction of daily use and prolong the service life of the sofa.
  • The leather has good water resistance, so you don’t need to worry about spilled drinks. Once soiled, simply wipe clean with a damp cloth.
  • Whether it’s family gatherings or everyday activities, the faux leather will stay in excellent condition and be durable.



Comfortable Experience of Sitting

High Density Sponge

  • The sofa adopts a high-density original sponge, which feels thick, full of elasticity, both soft and comfortable.
  • After tens of thousands of compression and rebound tests, the high density sponge has full resilience and is not easy to deform.
  • The thickened cushion will not make you tired even if you sit for a long time. The backrest is also filled with a large amount of sponge, which provides comfortable support for the back.


Ergonomic Design

  • In sofa design, ergonomic principles consider the natural curves of the human cervical spine and back, and integrate the radian design into the back of the sofa, so that it can be closely integrated with the human body to achieve the best support effect.
  • When you sit on the sofa, the radian design can provide proper support for the neck and spine, not only can reduce the pressure on the cervical spine and back, but also maintain the natural curvature of the spine, effectively avoiding discomfort and fatigue caused by long-term sitting.

Exquisite Details of Leather Office Sofa

Every detail of the product has been carefully crafted, from the processing of the stitches to the design of the armrests, all of which reflect the manufacturer’s ultimate pursuit of quality.

Precision  Suture

The precise stitching of the sofa line and the fine threading process not only ensure the durability of the sofa but also integrate beauty and practicality, adding a sense of nobility and comfort to your living room.

The dense stitching process of sofa routing gives it superior tear resistance. The stitching is arranged in order to make the surface of the sofa more resistant to tearing, even under frequent use.

Precision  Suture

Simple Arm

The simple line design of the armrests of the sofa removes messy elements and complicated decorations, allowing you to feel relaxed and happy during the rest time.

The design of the simple armrest not only pursues aesthetics but also pays more attention to practicality.

Simple lines make the armrest easier to keep clean, reducing the accumulation of both dust and stains.  This design is also more durable and less prone to damage, prolonging the service life of your sofa.

Simple Arm

Metal sofa legs

Significantly, the metal sofa legs are designed with full consideration of support and are made of high-quality steel. The solid nature of the steel feet also can provide  support for the sofa, making you more at ease and comfortable in daily use.

The natural toughness and corrosion resistance of steel make the metal sofa legs stand the test of time, maintain a both strong and stable state for a long time, and prolong the service life of your sofa.

The luster and texture of the metal material make the sofa legs more decorative on the basis of practicality, adding a sense of both fashion and elegance to the whole sofa.

Metal sofa legs



How to protect leather office sofa?

Here are some tips on how to protect a leather sofa:

  1. Regular Cleaning: 

Wipe the leather surface gently with a soft, damp cloth to remove dust and stains. Avoid using cleaners with alcohol or solvents as they can damage the leather.

2. Avoid Direct Sunlight:

Prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause the leather to fade and crack. Place the sofa away from direct sunlight or use blackout curtains in order to block sunlight.

3. Prevent Liquid Contact

In case of spills, immediately blot the liquid with a clean, absorbent cloth without rubbing, to prevent it from being absorbed into the leather.

4. Use Leather Conditioning Products

Regularly apply specialized leather conditioning products in order to keep the leather soft and prevent drying out.

5. Avoid Sharp Objects

Refrain from placing sharp objects on the leather sofa in order to prevent scratches or damage.

6. Rotate Cushions

If your sofa has removable cushions, rotate and flip them regularly to distribute pressure and wear evenly.

7. Use Sofa Covers or Throws

Place sofa covers or throws on commonly used areas in order to protect the leather surface and reduce direct wear.

8 . Avoid Hard Brushes

When cleaning the leather, avoid using stiff brushes or rough fabrics to prevent scratching.

9. Maintain Indoor Humidity

Keep indoor humidity at a moderate level to prevent excessively dry or damp conditions, obviously, which can affect the leather’s condition.

10. Regular Maintenance

Consider scheduling professional furniture cleaning and maintenance from a reputable company periodically in order to ensure the leather sofa’s longevity and appearance.

Please note that different types of leather may require different care methods, so it’s advisable to consult the sofa’s user manual or seek advice from professionals for specific guidance.


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