Banquet Chair


Elevate your events with the elegance, comfort, and convenience of MG’s Banquet Chair. Designed for large gatherings, these chairs also offer a blend of sophisticated design and practical features.

Their flexible and breathable seat base, slightly tilted backrest, high wear-tolerant foam cushion, durable steel frame, and stackable design make them a versatile choice for any event. Available in various back styles, finishes, and fabric colors. MG’s Banquet Chairs are not only seating solutions, but also an embodiment of style and function.


Elevate Your Events with MG’s Banquet Chairs

Banquet Chair

When it comes to organizing an event, the smallest details can make the biggest difference. The seating is not only one such detail but also a crucial aspect. It also goes a long way in setting the appropriate atmosphere and ensuring your guests’ comfort.

That’s where MG’s banquet chairs come into play. These chairs are not only seating solutions but also are an embodiment of elegance and convenience, designed specifically to cater to large gatherings.

Despite their name, these banquet chairs are not confined to banquets. Their versatility and formal appeal make them a perfect fit for a range of events, whether it’s a business lecture, a wedding reception, or a charity event. With MG’s banquet chairs, you’re not only organizing an event but also crafting a great experience.

What is a banquet Chair?

Banquet chairs, as the name suggests, are a key component in any large gathering or event. These chairs are temporary seating solutions, designed specifically for use over a few hours.

The beauty of banquet chairs lies in their portability and stackability, features that allow for quick setup and takedown, coupled with easy storage. Mading from lightweight yet durable materials,  it promises both longevity and performance.

Contrary to traditional seating solutions, banquet chairs often forgo armrests. This is a special design in order to ensure their stackability isn’t compromised.

However, this doesn’t mean they lack in style. Each chair is etched with elegant designs, adding an element of sophistication and charm befitting any formal occasion.

In essence, banquet chairs are not just pieces of furniture; they are a blend of functionality, convenience, and elegance, ready to change any event into a memorable experience.

banquet chair

Product Information

Product NameBanquet Chair Brand NameMG
Model NumberMGHC-001TypeHotel Furniture
Application Bedroom, Hotel AppearanceModern
Place of OriginLiaoning, China Mail packingN
MOQ1PCSSupply Ability 1000 Piece/Pieces per Month
Trade termFOB EXW CIFPayment termsT/T
CertificateISO9001/ISO14001ServiceOEM ODM
Warranty 3 YearsLead time (days)1-50 15days   >50  To be negotiated
Selling UnitsPiece/PiecesPackage Type1. Knock-down package
2. EPE foam wrapping each part with crashproof thickened foam
3. Five corrugated paper box
4. Wooden frame if necessary

Explore the Banquet Chair of MG

Various Style

Chair Back 

MG Furniture’s banquet chair features a variety of back styles, allowing you to choose a design that aligns perfectly with your event theme and decor.

  • Crown Style Chair Back: With a design reminiscent of a crown, this banquet chair back presents elegant lines and a vintage atmosphere, adding a touch of solemnity and prestige to any occasion.
  • Hourglass Style Chair Back: This unique hourglass-shaped design is both modern and stylish. It brings a novel flair to the event while ensuring utmost seating comfort.
  • Oval Style Chair Back: Characterized by clean, simple lines, this classic oval design exudes understated luxury, a versatile fit for any event.
  • Round Style Chair Back: The artistic round back design infuses a both warm atmosphere into any gathering, also making it feel more welcoming.
  • Square Open Style Chair Back: This square open back design, with its simple structure and crisp lines, is also a perfect representation of modern style.

Finishes & Fabrics 

Vibrant Finishes: Above all, our banquet chair comes in a range of finishes, from classic wood tones to sleek metallic hues. Each finish is designed to enhance the chair’s aesthetic and also create a lasting impression.


Colorful Fabrics: Get ready to be spoiled for choice with our wide range of fabric colors. Significantly, each fabric is carefully selected for its durability, comfort, and visual appeal.


Comfort and Convenience

Comfort and convenience are at the heart of MG’s banquet chairs. We’ve incorporated a number of features to ensure that our chairs not only look good but also provide the utmost comfort and ease of use:

Firstly, flexible and breathable seat base: The base of the seat is designed to offer flexibility and breathability. This feature also ensures that the chair adapts to the user’s posture, providing a more comfortable seating experience over extended periods.

Secondly, a slightly tilted backrest: The banquet chair is designed with a slight tilt in the backrest. This thoughtful design element allows for personalized comfort, accommodating different sitting postures and enhancing the overall seating experience.

Thirdly, high Wear-Tolerant Foam Cushion: The foam cushion used in our chairs can withstand higher than average wear and tear. This also ensures that the chairs retain their comfort and appearance even after many use.

banquet chair

What’s more, durable Steel Frame: The robust steel frame of our banquet chairs can support up to 500kg of weight, providing a sturdy and reliable seating solution for all your guests.

Lastly, stackable Design: Our banquet chairs are designed with stackability in mind. This feature makes it easier to store and transport the chairs, also making them an ideal choice for large scale events.

With MG’s banquet chairs, you don’t have to compromise between style, comfort, and convenience. We bring all these elements together in our chairs, providing a seating solution that is as practical as it is elegant.

banquet chair

Banquet Chair Arrangements

The arrangement of banquet chairs and tables can significantly influence the atmosphere and flow of your event. Depending on the nature of the event and the utilization of space, there are also numerous seating configurations you can consider. Here are a few popular arrangements:


banquet chair

banquet chair

  1. Straight Rows: This traditional setup involves lining up rectangular tables and chairs in straight rows. It’s also a classic, efficient layout that works well for a wide range of events.
  2. Diagonal Rows: For a twist on the straight row setup, consider arranging round tables and chairs in diagonal rows. This arrangement also can create a more dynamic, appealing setup.
  3. Theatre Style: Inspired by auditorium seating, this arrangement focuses on the stage or front of the room. Therefore, it’s ideal for presentations, performances, or speeches.
  4. Herringbone Style: Also known as a fishbone setup, this arrangement involves angling rows of chairs towards the center of the room. It’s also an excellent choice for presentations and encourages engagement.
  5. Classroom Style: This setup imitate a traditional classroom setting, with rows of chairs facing the front of the room. It’s also ideal for lectures, workshops, or seminars.
  6. Conference Style: This arrangement involves a large, central table with chairs surrounding it. It’s also a great choice for meetings, round table discussions, or collaborative events.




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