This is a customer from the United Arab Emirates. Since the desks and chairs in the staff office area have been used for a long time, they want to update a batch of office desks and chairs, but the newly added office furniture cannot be inconsistent with the office furniture in other areas.


This is an office project in Australia. There are more than 100 offices in the whole building. The desks, cabinets and conference tables in the offices are all provided by our company.


This is a Brazilian creative company that needs to create a working environment that stimulates creativity and innovation for employees. The client asked for a combination of warm white and light wood grain.


This is a start-up company and needed furnishing for their start-up office space.We provide customers with an open office space design, with modern desks and ergonomic chairs.


This is an office project factory in the Philippine, the whole office has 100 rooms, each room needs different office furniture products. The office furniture uses high-grade materials and exquisite workmanship, combining modern style and classic elements, giving the office a more professional and impressive atmosphere.


This is an American creative media company that needs to create a casual workspace for employees to work and relax. We have designed a comfortable rest space for customers, with comfortable sofas, to meet the diverse needs of employees.


This is a Saudi Arabia consulting company that needs furniture layout for the meeting room to improve meeting efficiency and customer experience. We designed a fully functional meeting room for the customer, equipped with large conference tables, comfortable chairs, whiteboards and other office furniture.


This client from Thailand,he sent the drawings of the whole building to us. The whole 4 floors need to be composed of offices, dressing rooms and staff lounges.


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